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The big news today is that Bisco Hatori is coming to Anime Expo! It's kind of a weird feeling, actually, because ten years ago, we would have been freaking out because we love Ouran High School Host Club so much. But we haven't really thought about it that much in a long time...although I think we rewatched it a few years ago. At any rate, we do not have the time or energy to make Hikaru and Kaoru costumes, so I'm not sure what we want to do about that.... Hmmm...

Anyway. I didn't post yesterday because we were super tired and sleepy (...and up a little late because we didn't want to stop watching Miraculous...kind of like tonight (but we're a little less sleepy tonight)), but I should have, because I have some cool things to write about.

See, Miraculous, while we love it to bits, had us going a little bit crazy because it means so much to us, and that always makes us want to be a part of something big. Then at church on Sunday, we went to Relief Society (instead of Primary, because the Youth took over Primary duties for Mother's Day), and someone there made a comment about how when pride starts to sneak in to her family, she tries to focus her kids' attention on gratitude, because you can't have a prideful heart and a grateful heart at the same time. That was another reminder to us that we need to stop being sad because of what we don't have and focus more on appreciating what we do have. So we remembered that we do have Miraculous to enjoy, and just like the translator(s?) of Miraculous are making it possible for us to have something that really brightens our lives, by translating, we're maybe giving other people access to entertainment that could brighten their lives.

It wasn't long after that change of attitude that we got confirmation of our new hope. Gaston and Alice got back from their cruise Sunday night, and we all went to breakfast the next morning. When he called to make plans, Gaston also told us about how they spent a lot of time hanging out with their new friends--the cruise ship's jazz band. They were all from Greece, and one of them had played a cruise that went around Japan, at which point he fell in love with the country. Now he's all into anime and manga and stuff. So Gaston told him about his friends who translate manga, and he asked what they work on. Gaston said, "Well their favorite is Noragami," and the jazz musician went, "What! That's MY favorite series! I'm reading it right now!" And apparently he's even reading it in English! So now we know we're brightening the day of someone in Greece. ...Or Boston, or wherever he is right now.

After breakfast, we asked Gaston and Alice to drop us off at Disneyland, because we figured it was a good time to go to the Disneyland Office. They were going to go inside with us and say hi to Farley, but Alice had forgotten her annual pass. We also had an elaborate plan to get free parking at Downtown Disney (which is much less of a hassle than parking in the parking structure), because Celeste wanted us to buy her a shirt there, which means we could get parking validation. We couldn't find the shirt, so Alice volunteered to stay in the store in Downtown Disney and find the shirt while we went with Gaston to say hi to Farley.

So that's what we did! And when we got there, Farley had some other friends hanging around, and he introduced us to all of them because we're the ones that gave him the quilt that apparently he really really loves (this also makes us happy). We mentioned that we had brought work with us, so Farley told everyone about our super cool job, and as it turns out, a couple of the people there had an interest in manga. In fact, one of them told us her very first manga was Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode, which is the part of Tokyo Mew Mew that we translated for Kodansha! She even cosplays Mew Berry! We gave her our card, but we'll understand if she doesn't feel compelled to contact us. But it was another reminder that our job does count as helping people. Sometimes we feel like we just don't have time to serve others because we're so busy, so it's nice to remember that sometimes we're helping others by doing the thing that makes us so busy.

As for Alice, and I really wanted to tell this story to illustrate what an amazing genius problem-solver she is, she had asked a cast member about the shirt in question and was told it was out of stock. We figured we could probably find it in the park, but that wouldn't validate their parking, so what now? Well, much as we don't like giving money to Disney unnecessarily, we were sure we could find a plushie or something. But Alice came to the rescue again. When we met up with her again (by this time she had called Gaston to inform us about the lack of shirt), she had come up with a brilliant idea: we just had to buy a gift card. That way, we could still buy the shirt and not spend any extra money getting parking validation! Win win!!

...Or it would have been, if we'd managed to find the shirt inside Disneyland, which we didn't, alas. But we did get to take advantage of one of the more scenic rest areas at Disneyland, which we previously would have had to avoid, because it was one of the designated smoking areas. But smoking is banned throughout the park now, so all of those lovely benches between Autopia and the Matterhorn have reclaimed their fresh air (well, relatively speaking; they are still next to Autopia). And it was the perfect spot to translate Land of the Lustrous, because it's right on the border between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

When we finished work, we hung out with Farley some more, then we went to Coldstone's for ice cream. All in all, it was quite a lovely day. Then we got back to work today, and were tired and grumpy. So hopefully a good night's sleep will help with that.

Today I'm thankful for a lovely breakfast with friends, reminders that what we do matters, gifts of maple candies, delicious Coldstone's ice cream, and Alice's brilliant problem solving skills.
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