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Princesses and pirates

I think I had a comment to make about Miraculous, but I've since forgotten what it was. Something about how we're obsessed with it and I'm amused. ...We did discuss the possibility that we might have a problem. But! I assure you, we were able to watch an entire episode of Fruits Basket and enjoy it before switching back to Miraculous. And! we managed to turn it off right before the Gorizilla episode, which is another one I adore. So we still have some self-control.

But for now, I still have Disneyland things to report on. Once we left Mickey's house, Athena and I decided it was time to introduce the kids to Goofy Water, which used to be way more awesome than it is now, but it's still pretty awesome, because these water fountains still give you more water than the average drinking fountain, and you can still time your drinking just right to splash the person at the other fountain in the face. The kids were unimpressed. The parents were too busy playing Pokemon Go! to notice.

While the parents fought a raid boss (or whatever they call them in Pokemon Go!), Athena and I tried to convince Rosetta that neither of us was going to carry her. The problem was, she got out of the stroller, thus giving Gilderoy the opportunity to take her seat. The baby had the other one, so now she was bumming rides off of grownups. It's kind of funny how she does it, because she'll come hug you around the knees and then raise her arms. At first, she seemed to just assume that we would automatically pick her up after that, but upon realizing our cluelessness, she would say, "Up! Up!" We'd tell her to say the magic word every time, until her habit became hug-->raised arms-->"Up please!", all on her own. This time, however, her mother had already told her that her father would give her a piggyback ride, so we were like, "Nope." The princess was not amused. (I did successfully deter her once when she asked me to pick her up and I said, "I'm gonna let you walk for a while." All she did was huff a little.)

But her father was busy playing Pokemon, so now it was time to bargain. Athena told her she had three options: walk, let her dad give her a piggyback ride, or stay here forever. She tried, "Piggyback ride from mom?" Nope. You have three options. She was rather distraught. After Athena repeated the options a few times, she reluctantly agreed to let her dad carry her. When the raid boss was finally defeated, we started over to the Royal Hall in the hopes that the princess line was just as short as Mickey's had been. And it was!

So first we met Snow White, who was happy to dance and twirl with Rosetta. Then we met Ariel, who for some reason didn't say a word about the promise to look out for Flounder on It's A Small World and was now recommending Pirates of the Caribbean. By this time, Baby Brother had really warmed up to this character meet and greet thing, and he gave Ariel like ten hugs. It was pretty adorable. And then we got to meet Cinderella, who was Rosetta's princess of the day. That was really cute, because she posed for a picture holding Rosetta's hand on one side and Gilderoy's hand on the other side, and then Baby Brother comes along like, "I want in on this!" and Cinderella, in a cutely distraught voice, said, "I don't have anymore hands!" Celeste got a picture of that scene, and it was adorable. Cinderella did eventually get down and give Baby Brother a hug, so he didn't get left out.

We went on It's A Small World at some point. I may have mentioned it yesterday. But there wasn't a whole lot to say about it. So I'll move on and talk about Pirates of the Caribbean. The plan was for everyone to go on it, but given Gilderoy's freak-out at the cave in California Adventure, we weren't sure it was such a good idea. The boy's father insisted that Gilderoy had gone on Pirates the last time they went and enjoyed it. I didn't remember anything of the sort, but there was a lot of splitting up that time, so who was I to question it?

Meanwhile, Gilderoy was insisting that no one wanted to go on Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm not really sure how it began, but that was his refrain throughout most of the line. Athena and I tried to prepare him for it by saying okay when you see the talking skull close your eyes, then we'll go down a slide and when it's over, you can open your eyes again. (Our problem with the ride was drops, but this kid has no problem with that kind of thing. He seems to be more concerned about the dark, and the first drop is pretty darn dark.) It was at that point that he started saying he just didn't think he could do this. Athena and I were so worried, but Celeste said she didn't see any real fear in his eyes, and we figured she knows him better than we do, so if he starts screaming, it's their problem.

Finally the fateful moment arrived...and the kid was fine. At one point during the ride, I heard Celeste make a comment (but not what the comment was) and Gilderoy starting cackling in his usual way, so he clearly was not distraught in the least. So maybe he was just nervous about it and when he got on it he realized he liked it, or maybe he was just being a control freak in trying to get us not to go on the ride, or whatever, but at least nobody was traumatized. Rosetta and Baby Brother didn't seem to have any problems on the ride, either.

After that, we headed over to Critter Country, because it's where the toy Gilderoy wanted to buy was. So we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride one more time, and then we went into the store over there. Celeste and her husband bought us each a peanut butter sandwich chocolate (a graham cracker with a thick layer of peanut butter, all enrobed in chocolate) for our birthday. And I think after that, we decided we didn't want to hang around for the fireworks, so some end-of-the-day souvenir shopping was done, and we hightailed it out of there. We followed the family to their car so Celeste could give us the Christmas present Gilderoy bought us at the dollar store when he was feeling an especially generous Christmas obsession. It was a PJ Masks coloring set! And we were planning to get coloring last Sunday, but things kept taking longer than expected and then we forgot about it. So we'll color them this Sunday and post a picture on Facebook.

Then we hugged people goodbye, and we all went our separate ways, thus ending a very tiring but fun birthday.

Today I'm thankful for having time to watch Miraculous, getting to chat with friends online, finishing work despite our late start, the peanut butter sandwich chocolates we got for our birthday, and the PJ Masks coloring set we got as a late Christmas present.
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