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It was back to work as usual today, but man, it's hard to be motivated. Our longtime philosophy about lack of motivation has been, "So? Do it anyway." So we did, but it sure would be nice to get a break. We also realized that, while the book we're currently working on is due tomorrow, the next book is due on Wednesday, which would be fine, except that the biggest realization was that, oh yeah, Gaston and Alice are getting back from their cruise, like, on Monday, and the plan is to come to Disneyland. Of course we'd much rather go to Disneyland at this point, so we're not upset about that, but it does mean we might have to hustle. Or we might not, because they might be too tired from their cruise to actually go to which case we'll probably take work to Disneyland with us instead.

And speaking of Disneyland, I haven't finished reporting on our last trip.

When we finished with Tinkerbell, we decided to head over to Fantasyland because we had met so many characters already that we wanted to go on rides. But then the line to Small World was long, so we went to Toon Town (Gadget's Go Coaster is a favorite of Gilderoy's)...and there was Minnie Mouse. Her house was closed, so she was doing meet and greets in the park, and she was on Rosetta's must-see list, so we got in line with her while the parents went to investigate the Go Coaster situation. ...And I don't really remember much about that, except that the line was so long that Gilderoy and his father got back from riding Gadget's Go Coaster before we got to see Minnie, so they got a picture with the whole family. I may or may not have memories of Baby Brother being especially enamored with Ms. Mouse.

It was around this time that the grownups decided it was time to eat. Or to buy a churro. I'm not really sure what was going on, but we went to Frontierland, and there was a churro. I think the father had fast passes to Big Thunder? Yeah. So he and Gilderoy went on that (he never got fast passes for us):) while Celeste got some strawberry horchata to try. I think we were discussing the next plan when Athena and I saw Farley coming onstage for his set. We wanted to make sure to see him, since we had told him the previous day that we would see him tomorrow. Really, we were hoping to have Christmas-obsessed Gilderoy come along so we could do The Twelve Days of Christmas, but that just wasn't happening. Fortunately, Rosetta was down for meeting aaaaall the Disney characters, so she came with us and we got to show off our adorable niece. We all sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star together, and another one of Farley's friends took a picture and texted it to Celeste. (I found out the day we went with Sarah's kids that my camera is officially dead.)

After that, the show was starting at the Golden Horseshoe, but the baby was asleep, so Celeste and Athena stayed by the stroller with him while I took Rosetta inside to watch the show...which she had very little interest in. The place was packed, so I found one empty seat upstairs and I let her have it while I stood behind her, until she eventually decided she wanted a different seat, so she wandered around until she found one. Then she got tired of that seat, so we wandered around again, failed to find a seat, and eventually exited the theater. Oh well. I wouldn't have cared at all if we hadn't left right as the mayor was about to expose the real bank robber (not that we haven't seen that show a bunch of times already, but I really like that part).

Let's see, next we went to Critter Country, but nothing really noteworthy happened there, and then we went on Jungle Cruise...and nothing really noteworthy there, either. We don't even remember how our tour guide was. By then Celeste figured it was time to feed the children, so we went to Pizza Planet in the hopes that they would have a pizza with a different sauce, because Gilderoy has developed a dislike for marinara. Sometimes I just can't even with that boy.

We had been avoiding Pizza Planet partly because we were appalled by the phoned-in facade (instead of replacing the Red Rocket's Pizza Port sign, they put some LGM figures (which I'm sure were hand-me-downs from Tokyo or Florida) by it and hung a banner over it), but mostly because we decided ages ago that their pizza isn't worth the price. But we were hungry, so we went. And we discovered that they have kids' meals which include the same little pizzas we get at Red Rose Taverne and two sides, for about the same price as one slice of "grownup" pizza (which is not much bigger than the little kids' pizzas). Unfortunately, they don't have fries or drinking yogurt like at Red Rose Taverne, and I didn't want to deal with whole fruit, so I got us each two things of applesauce. Boy was that a mistake. We discovered (again) that applesauce is one of the nastiest substances we have ever consumed (which is not to say that there aren't much nastier substances to consume, just that...well, you know our eating habits). The point is, we hate it a lot. So we ate it as fast as we could and rewarded ourselves with pizza.

I will say that the interior of Pizza Planet was more impressive than I expected. They have posters of all these different planets where they get pizza ingredients, like Garlon for garlic and...some other ones. Of course my skepticism has me wondering how long Florida has had a Pizza Planet...

Next we went on Autopia, where Gilderoy was trying to point out which car he wanted, and Athena told him that the perfect car would drive right up to them for them to ride in. When the car came for them, he said, "I thought you said we got to pick the perfect car!" sadly proving again our theory that no one pays attention to wording choices. They did get the one that had XMAS on the license plate, though, which is perfect because Gilderoy loves Christmas. Of course, it was representing The Nightmare Before Christmas (XMAS093), which we're sure he would hate, but that's beside the point. I rode with Rosetta, and I think I had a thought about that, but I don't remember what it was.

Then we went on the monorail...and then we sent the family on ahead while we got everyone fast passes for It's A Small World. Their next stop was to see Mickey Mouse, because, as the Big Cheese, he was THE must-see character. The sign outside his house claimed the wait to see him was 60 minutes, but it couldn't have been longer than 15, which was a huge relief. We visited him on the set to The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and he was a gracious host as always.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota, not having any kitty emergencies today, getting to see a new episode of Freelancers, having time to re-watch more Miraculous, and getting to re-watch our new favorite episode, Glaciator.
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