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Hatsu*Haru volume 6 and kitty emergencies

We were just getting ready to sit down to lunch when we opened the door to let Page outside, and in walked Little Boy Cat. He clearly hadn't eaten anything in a very long time and he was meowing like he knew we could help him. We tried feeding him a few different things, but he wouldn't take anything. He'd try, but then he'd give up quickly. Finally we gave him one of Page's fancy bisque treats, since it requires no chewing, and then we gave him the one Page wouldn't eat because we guess this incident has her too stressed out. He refused to leave, though, so now he's chilling out in our living room while we wait for our friend from church to come give us all a ride to the animal shelter.

In the meantime, our productivity for the day has been utterly shot, so...

And right before that ellipsis is when our ride called and we left for the shelter. Turns out it was a very nice place with very nice people, and when we took Little Boy Cat to the stray drop-off area, one of the people there seemed to be a veterinarian or at least knew something about it, because when he pulled Little Boy Cat out of the carrier, he was like, "Yeah, I can smell an infection." We smelled it, too, but since we're not as knowledgeable, we just thought it was the smell of malnourishment. Anyway, they said they'd give him all the care he needs, and he's in their hands now. Also, thanks to the veterinarian(?) guy, we found out that his markings are called "lilac point," which would be useless now that we've giving him to the shelter, except that his half-sibling Eren Yeager has the same style of markings.

But I promised a review today! And it's Hatsu*Haru 6! What a great series to review on a sort of stressful day like this! (Though in all honesty, we decided that after a day like today, we might as well just spend the evening re-watching Miraculous, so we've already done a lot of de-stressing.) And here it is! Spoilers ahead!

What did I tell you? What DID I tell you? I think I said in my review of the last volume that it looked like Riko would finally figure it out this time, but knowing her she'd probably get the wrong idea again and sure enough. Oh, but the way Kai wrote it off was hilarious. Such an elaborate story about saving a kitten! I kind of get the feeling he's used to making up tall tales like that. And then his conversation with Takaya about it, and how Takaya's all, "That's an ungrateful cat." And then! Ohhh! Kai defended the kitten, and it was sooooo cute. He really is adorable.

...And that's all I remember about this volume off the top of my head, except that we get Takaya's story. There was a large gap between translating the book and writing this review. Eventually Riko does come to her senses... Right, because Takaya is such a good friend! Oh my goodness, his plan was genius, too. Asking Riko to lend him a book, deliberately bringing a snack that could easily relate to Kai... And I love how he basically told her, "I know what you think it could be, and I know you think it's not possible for it to really be that, but maybe you should consider that it is possible." So finally Kai gets the fateful LINE message.

Oh, and this scene! These kids are so dumb, it's adorable. He's all, "I'm sorry. I just want you to know I love you, so dump me now and let me move on with my life." And then Riko's like, "I can't do that," and he's like, "Why must you torment me longer!?" I get it, though. When you're in that situation, I imagine it's harder to put two and two together. And then when she finally tells him and he faints. Oh, Kai. Poor, sickly Kai. I'm starting to think your niece and nephew are right to be worried. And then he wakes up and he's like, "You mean it was a DREAM!?" Poor Kai just can't catch a break.

But they can't start dating right away, because it's never that easy. Riko went to spend time at her grandparents' house, and Kai went and told everyone the happy news. Oh these kids. They have no sense, but it's adorable. Kiyo calls Riko to get more details, and Riko's all, "What? We're not dating." And Kiyo's like, "???" so she asks about it, and Kai's like, "!!!!" and passes out again. Seriously, this guy. Maybe he needs more sleep. And of course the reason Riko said that is that she knew they liked each other, but nobody said anything about dating, and she is SO strait-laced and exact about everything that she didn't want to make any assumptions. And now Kai joins us in the, "Aww, that's so dumb but so cute."

And then finally they go on their first date. Kai has outdone himself to come up with the Perfect first date agenda. This dude is obsessed. He planned this more precisely than any other date he has ever been on, and this reminds us of Naveen from The Princess and the Frog: "I've been with thousands--! ...Other women." But of course this is a love comedy, so you all knew it wasn't going to go according to plan, right? Oh, but it's so cute that Kai thinks Riko is adorable no matter what she does. She shows up to their first date wearing regular clothes, and at first he's like, "But why not date clothes?" and second he's like, "Aww, she's adorable anyway." Aww, he's adorable. I think he hammered on the "of course as a guy I'm not into this kind of movie" a little too much. Even without the constant assertions, we were like, "Yeah, right. If anybody's crying at the end of this movie, it's gonna be you, pal." And sure enough. Some people may call this a cliched joke, but we like to call it "in character," at least in this case. And for added humor, Tora and Miki also ended up in tears. Meanwhile, Riko falls asleep. Oh dear, dear, dear.

And from there, the whole date goes off the rails. All of Kai's romantic plans, up in smoke. And to top it all off, he makes himself sick by eating too much. This is one of many reasons I think it's stupid to try to create an image of yourself to impress people. I mean, seriously, what is Riko going to care if Kai is a big eater or not? We were amused by the parody movie titles...except we never checked to see if the movie they actually watched was a parody. No, Athena tells me we did check and we came up with nothing. But Napolitan Holiday and Mad no Max definitely were. And of course now Kai is bummed out because Riko is so aromantic that it seems like she doesn't really care about the date, but then she reveals that she overslept because she was up late trying to decide what to wear, and everyone is all "Awwww!!!" And they lived happily ever after. ...Until the next volume.

But first, we have a Takaya interlude, where we finally learn what his deal is. Sure enough, he's in love with his sister. We figured she was a stepsister when we found out that his parents got divorced, and then when he said, "I'm so glad I'm an only child," in the bonus comic in the last volume. We didn't realize she loved him back until her new boyfriend said he was surprised she agreed to date him because he knew she had been in love with somebody else. I don't know, I don't feel like there's really much to say about it. But Ayumi was adorable through the whole thing. It was so great that he was like, "I'm sorry," and she was like, "For what?" and he was all, "...For using you?" and she was like, "What? I got what I wanted!" I appreciate it when people are reasonable like that. I think it would have been fine for her to be like, "Well, you should be sorry!" too, but since she's also the evil plotting type, and the fake couple thing was her idea to begin with, I do think it's better that she was like, "Well, that's how it goes." I definitely think that she and Takaya are not going to be the exception in the fake couples becoming real couples manga trope.

Aaaand I think this review may be a little on the short side, but I can't think of much else to say. It's really just a whole lot of hearts. I suppose I ought to mention Ayumi's little "let's say goodbye to our feelings" ritual. Sometimes you do need to do something in real life to help you sort out your feelings. ...Or at least, so I assume. Most of my feelings seem to come vicariously through storytelling lately, so... Well, except for being tired and the "I dun wanna." And! the "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, they're so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute" that happens a lot with this story. It's still a lot of fun, and there are still a good amount of books left, so I'm interested in seeing how Kai and Riko's relationship develops!

Awwwww, what a cute series. Those kids are so adorable. And it looks like we have another week of no new releases, but tune in next week for our review of Fire Force 15!

Today I'm thankful for friendly cat shelters, our friend being available and willing to drive us down there, Page being a good sport through everything, fun reminders of Hatsu*Haru, and getting to re-watch Miraculous.
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