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We just finished watching Season 2 of Miraculous and I'm so sad that there's no more I was actually crying. On the bright side, even in the middle of watching the season, we were already looking forward to seeing the episodes again. So we cheered ourselves up by watching the first episode of Season 2 again. Oh, I hope we don't have to wait too long for Season 3.

We were talking about it during our dinner break (we had to stop watching Miraculous so we could do something as insignificant as "feed ourselves"), and part of the problem is when we love a story so much, we're happy when we're watching it, but when we're not watching it, we want to do more. That's why we started doing cosplay, and why we started translating. Most of the time our creative outlet for fan love is translation, but we don't know French! And even if we did, the show is already translated! There's nothing left for us to do. And, much as I love the show, I'm not sure it's a good cosplay fit for us, although we could pull off a convincing Reflekta. ...And based on the last episode, there might be a good character in Season 3 that we could cosplay...hmmm... But of course we have to wait until we see Season 3 and that could be forever from now! Aaaaaaarrrrrrgh!

Le sigh. (Obviously we have to sigh in French for this.) I think we might need to come up with another creative outlet... But I don't know how.

In the meantime, I suppose I should write a little more about our last Disneyland trip.

Let's see, after we saw Princess Aurora, we wandered over to the Fantasy Faire area, where Elena of Avalor was greeting guests. Rosetta isn't actually familiar with her show, but when we asked if she wanted to meet her highness, she said yes, so we got in line. (Meanwhile, I think Gilderoy had gone off to Star Tours or something with his father.) We're not familiar with Elena, either, but that's usually not a requirement when meeting Disney characters, so we figured why not, and she turned out to be super fun. Oh, but before I get to her, I want to point out that one of her attendants saw our birthday buttons and wished us happy birthday, as Disney cast members usually do. He asked if our niece was treating us like queens for our birthday, and we gravely shook our heads.

Elena was really nice, though. She saw our birthday buttons and thought our names were super cool, so we got to tell that story...which was a little awkward, because I was trying to film the interaction between her and the little girl for Celeste (who was in line for the Royal Theatre), and now here I was telling a story Celeste had probably heard so many times she's sick of it. But there was cute stuff with Rosetta after that! Elena got her to dance, and to put her hand on her hip and pose like a Strong Woman. It was pretty great. It had us even more interested in trying out her show one day, but I'm not sure if we'll get that opportunity, what with our lack of cable and refusal to pay for Disney+.

We finished with Elena right after they started seating for the Royal Theatre! This time, we were armed with a little girl, so we had an excuse to sit up front on the floor. (We could just sit in the front row of benches, but we like to throw our hands up to yell huzzah, and we're tall, so we usually sit in the back so as not to obstruct people's view.) Gilderoy wasn't even going to watch the show at first "because it's a princess show." This only fuels our theory that rejecting princesses isn't defying the patriarchy--rejecting princesses is the patriarchy. Fortunately, his parents agreed he was being silly, and I think maybe they both wanted to see the show, because eventually they got him on a bench, and right before the show started, he sneaked into the carpeted area with us. I think I even caught him shaking his fist at Gaston a few times.

Then it was off to meet Gilderoy's girlfriend. But when we were on our way to Pixie Hollow, Mary Poppins and Bert walked by, so the kids had to say hi. I went to save a place in the Pixie Hollow line, so this story is courtesy of Athena. The main thing she remembers is that Gilderoy took off his sweatshirt to show Bert that he and his baby brother were matching. But before that, Bert shook his hand, and since Gilderoy was wearing a Spider-Man sweatshirt, when the handshake was over, Bert couldn't let go, because his hand was stuck. I think it's cute, but it also makes me roll my eyes because I'm a hipster and superheroes are sooo mainstream.

When we met Tinkerbell, the kids commented about how she looked different. We don't know if they meant it because she seemed like maybe she'd had plastic surgery or what, but Tinkerbell said, "Oh, you must mean my jacket." Almost all of the characters were dressed in their winter attire, because we Southern Californians can't handle temperatures below 65 degrees. And you don't have to be a native--people acclimatize. Anyway, she explained that she put it on because it was rainy that morning, and she didn't want to get wet, because then she couldn't fly for a whole half an hour. I had a hard time processing this, because it reminded me of the ridiculousness of the Great Fairy Rescue movie, which is why I almost didn't catch what happened next.

Tinkerbell continued, "And who wants to walk everywhere? Not me." But before she got to the "not me," Rosetta enthusiastically put her hand in the air and said, "I do!" And Athena and I protested, "That is a big fat lie!" But nobody listens to us. It makes sense, though, the baby was getting all huggy and stuff, so everybody was swooning over his adorableness.

That took a lot longer to write than I feel like it should have, but we've been multitasking, so it makes sense.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see all of Season 2 of Miraculous, cast members wishing us happy birthday, making a tiny bit of progress on Sailor Moon today (that exposition is tough to work with), getting to chat with people online, and getting to re-watch Season 2 of Miraculous.
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