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Ladybugs and stray stories and princesses, oh my

It is a cruel world that makes us stop watching Miraculous so we can, like, sleep and stuff. We didn't have time to finish Season 2 tonight, so we just rewatched a couple of episodes, and we still can't put it down. We also discovered that we can watch the French dub of Seven Deadly Sins, so we checked out the first episode...and we're not sure we think Cat Noir is quite the best for Meliodas, but A)it was the first episode so maybe he hadn't quite settled into the character yet, and B)nobody can beat Yuki Kaji.

But speaking of Yuki Kaji! Noragami! lyschan got us the best birthday present...which I'm not sure if I mentioned here, so if I did, sorry for the repetition. She got us the best birthday present! See, we were so busy and distracted when volume 20 of Noragami came out that by the time we went to order it, everywhere was sold out of the limited edition that came with a Stray Stories booklet! At first we weren't super worried about it, but when we emailed our editor to ask if there were plans to translate that booklet, she said, "I hope so!" which means we couldn't count on work to get us a copy of that booklet, which means there are Stray Stories out there that we might never get to read! Woe and despair!

But! lys managed to track down a vendor on Amazon Japan that not only still had copies, but was also willing to ship overseas. And the package arrived today!!! And we're very happy about it, but we have a nasty habit of getting packages, being like, "Yay! We'll get to that eventually!" and then setting it aside. I think we'd be more eager to open it if we hadn't just come off of a few weeks of intense exhaustingness, and then been utterly distracted by Miraculous. But if work keeps being kind to us, we should be able to get to it pretty soon.

But let's talk about that Disneyland trip some more. On day two of Celeste's visit, we all went to Disneyland. The first thing that happened was that we noticed Ariel hanging out...

And that reminds me of something I better report on before I forget again. When we were waiting in line to see Anna--the line for Anna and Elsa is in the main hall of the Animation Building, where they have a bunch of giant screens that show clips from Disney movies along with concept art, development sketches, all kinds of things that showcase the animation process. It's one of my favorite rooms in the whole world, and frankly I'm pretty bummed that it's now just a glorified waiting area instead of being allowed to stand on its own as the amazing place that it is.

But the point is, while we were in line, they started playing clips from the "Belle" sequence of Beauty and the Beast. For this part, one of the screens just stays on a giant screencap of Gaston, and that screen just happened to by right in Rosetta's line of vision. So, entirely unbidden by any of us, she starts expressing her opinion of Gaston (the character). She's all, "I don't like Gaston, because he's mean, and he keeps trying to marry Belle." Of course the two of us and Alice were highly amused by all this, so Alice made it a point to get Gaston(our friend)'s attention and ask, "Why don't you like Gaston?" The main reason she kept repeating is that he tries to marry Belle, so I'm not sure what that says about her opinion on marriage. Gaston (our friend) took it pretty well, though. He just put on his Gaston (the character) voice and said, "I like Gaston!" Meanwhile, our sister made us proud by saying she couldn't even finish Emma and the Beast.

But now we're back at Disneyland. The first thing that happened was that we noticed Ariel hanging out at the entry plaza, so, since meeting princesses is one of THE things to do for these kids, we got in line. Rosetta was her usual self--as soon as it was her turn, she ran up and hugged Ariel. And Ariel was very gracious, and asked Rosetta if she was going to go on any rides. She said that her friend Flounder's favorite ride is It's A Small World, and he was probably there right now, so she asked Rosetta to go on the ride and see if she could find him. Rosetta was in star-struck mode, so she eagerly nodded her head in acceptance of this mission. Then Ariel asked her to pinkie promise that she'd do it, and this was the funniest thing because Rosetta had never done a pinkie promise before and she didn't know how. Ariel held out her pinkie, and Rosetta did kind of a peace sign sort of thing. After a few awkward tries, Ariel finally told Rosetta to spread out all her fingers, and when she did, Ariel hooked her own pinkie around Rosetta's, and the promise was made. It was super adorable.

We then made our way down Main Street toward Fantasyland, because Gilderoy wanted to say hi to his girlfriend Tinkerbell. She wasn't at Pixie Hollow just yet, so instead we went to see Princess Aurora, who was greeting guests by Snow White's wishing well. Celeste got a super cute picture of her peering around the corner while the group in front of us talked to her highness. And while we were there, I figured I'd take the opportunity to ask her how they convinced Merryweather to let the dress stay pink. She laughed and said, "Well, Merryweather can be very stubborn." That was her introduction into it, and I think it could have worked if it sounded more natural, but the delivery was more like a canned response. Anyway, she went on to say that her dress was blue earlier that morning, but just as she was going out the door, Flora hit her with a "make it pink" spell, and there you have it. Then she asked us to promise not to tell Merryweather, and I didn't see any reason for that. I mean, it makes sense that, if we did tell Merryweather, she would come along and make the dress blue, which means Disney would have to somehow invest in a blue dress or something, and I can see where Disney would want to make sure Merryweather had no idea...but they don't have Merryweather wandering around the park, so it's not like anybody can tell Merryweather anyway. So nobody would be like, "Hey, I told Merryweather the dress is pink, so why didn't she come change it back?" because nobody can actually talk to Merryweather.

All in all, the reasoning is sound, but the extra material in the story makes no sense. Unless we can somehow prove that Aurora herself prefers the dress to be pink...which is a simple matter of having her say that. But she didn't. Okay, Athena just suggested that maybe Aurora just wanted to avoid the drama, so I guess that's fair.

And that wasn't a lot, but we're up late, so that's all for now. Today I'm thankful for making decent progress at work today, getting to re-watch some Miraculous, getting to check out the French dub of Seven Deadly Sins, adorable princess encounters, and lys getting us the best birthday present!!
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