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We've been chatting on Facebook for a while, and we ran out of random stuff to look up on the internet while we wait for our friend to type, so I figured I might as well do something productive and update LiveJournal. First I should point out that our failure to update yesterday came from an unwillingness to do it in the middle of the day, followed by staying up too late after a ward activity. Not because of the activity, but because we insisted on watching Miraculous. We didn't have time to watch all eight episodes that we have left, so we re-watched the origin story.

(Incidentally, one of the random things we looked up earlier was the voice of Adrien, which is kind of silly because we don't watch anything else in French, but we did find out he's the French dub voice of Meliodas in Seven Deadly Sins. Our first reaction was to start hyperventilating and go, "We have to see if Netflix will give us the French audio!" and my next thought was, "...But then we'd be watching it without Yuki Kaji..." It's tough being an obsessed fangirl.)

But more importantly, I still have a Disneyland report to finish. We were about to have lunch at the Carthay Circle. We requested the awesome waitress we had last time we went and were told she was working that day, but we would have to wait. While we were waiting in the lounge, another cast member came along to serve us drinks, and we explained that we were waiting for this waitress, and they were like, "You mean gray-haired Terry?" (names changed to protect the innocent). And we were like, "No...?" And that started the most bizarre attempt at clearing up confusion I have ever experienced. And it's all because of something that I feel like shouldn't be a sensitive topic, but all the cast members seemed to think it was, so I hope people will forgive me if I end up sounding callous.

The thing is, there are two Terries. I did stop and think before I offered the piece of information that I thought would be the easiest identifier. I said we were looking for the black Terry. The reason I decided this wouldn't be offensive is that I didn't think the word "black" is an insult. I wasn't using it as a pejorative, just as a neutral descriptor. I do think there's a reason we're not supposed to automatically describe people by their color, and that's totally fair. But in this case, we were trying to determine which of the waitresses we wanted, and we'd only met one of them. So we wanted to go with the most obvious features.

The cast members ignored that comment, and it's possible that they were very right to do so. But it didn't help us to figure out if the right Terry was actually working that day. So I was like, "Wow, this is awkward. Summon the viking!" because Studio C has a series of sketches where the Awkward Avoidance Viking will show up in awkward situations and club the person who is the source (albeit unintentionally) of the awkwardness. Gaston didn't get the reference and assumed I was talking about him, since he's tall, blond, and war-like. So he went and told the cast members that we were ready to be seated, regardless of who our waiter or waitress would be.

So finally, we went upstairs and had a seat. Our server was new to us and (code-)named Jacob. He was a character, and he was doing it on purpose, so I'm not sure how much I liked it. He just seemed to be trying too hard, but also like he'd been doing it for a long time. He was all telling us the history of Snow White, and we were like, "Awww, that's cute." Because we're snobs. I'm sorry. He was pretty nice, though. I think his performance as our waiter was overshadowed by the fact that we saw another of our favorite waiters, Donovan, who was our waiter the very first time we went to the Carthay Circle, and a large part of why we were never terrified to go back (although fancy restaurants do still make me a little nervous). Gaston saw him and called him over and we ended up talking off and on with him through the whole meal. He told us he saw us and said to himself, "That looks like... Well, I guess it is that time of year."

He also made sure to send Terry over to say hi...and that was one of the most awkward things ever because it was definitely not the Terry we were looking for. They're probably used to saying hi to people they don't remember, though, so she was good about it. And Donovan came back later, so we were able to tell him about it and laugh, and that made it better. Meanwhile, Jacob is seeing all this go on, so the next time he came by, he was all, "I didn't realize I was serving Carthay Circle royalty!" and was a little extra smarmy after that, but in a teasing sort of way, so it didn't seem too obsequious.

We had our usual pasta and grilled chicken, and then it was time for dessert. Sadly, I think the Disneyland Resort has gotten over chocolate or something, because the chocolate dessert they offered was nowhere near chocolaty enough. Alice was like, "But it's dark chocolate!" and Gaston was like, "What they want is rich chocolate." There was some discussion, because someone suggested milk chocolate, and I was like, "No, I know for a fact that there is dark chocolate that is sufficiently chocolaty." But there was a strawberry creamsicle dessert and a toffee pudding and both of those were pretty great. I just wish we'd known ahead of time, so we could have ordered two of one of those instead of two of the underwhelming chocolate dessert. Ah well, live and learn.

After dessert, we chatted with Donovan some more (he and Gaston were sharing travel stories), and then we headed out. We made it to Hollywood Land just as Celeste and the kids were coming out of Mickey's Philharmagic, which was a bit of a bummer, because that was the new thing that we hadn't done yet, so we wanted to do it! And now they'd already done it. But that's okay, because we just asked the kids if they wanted to watch it again, and they said yeah! So that's what we did.

They set it up in what used to be the Muppets 3D theater, and they did approximately zero remodeling, so it's the same queue area, just now with all the posters from Mickey's Philharmagic. We recognized all of them from Tokyo Disneyland. And then we finally got to see the show in English. ...And I think when I'm not too busy trying to decipher the language, it's a lot easier for me to notice just how old that animation is. And that's the thing about computer animation--it does not age as well as hand-drawn animation. I mean, if you go back and watch Fantasia, you might know it's old because of the art style, but it doesn't look primitive like old CGI does. It's still a cute show, though, and I love the role reversal when Donald is trying to get the orchestra to obey him but the flute is acting up.

But there was one curious aspect in that the lips didn't sync with the voices, so we were trying to remember the Japanese words to the song to see if those match, but they're shorter cuts of the songs, so they kind of jump around in the lyrics. I suspect it's more likely to be the lip-sync for the French version, though, since apparently in Florida and Tokyo they have a three-screen thing going on, while in Paris they only have the one screen. The single screen would be the cheapest one to transfer (and require the least amount of remodeling), so that's probably what they did. So now we're going to have to track down the French lyrics to the songs, which we're totally okay with, since Miraculous has us on a French kick again.

When we got out of the show, Celeste discovered that her phone was gone. We figured she probably dropped it in the theater, but the cast members did a cursory check before the next show (which was starting that minute) and found nothing. So now Celeste is freaking out that maybe somebody stole her phone, as we wait for the next show to get out so we can do a more thorough search. In the meantime, Gaston and the cast members had a lovely conversation about the stupid daredevil things they did as kids. We finally got our chance to investigate, and fortunately I had made it a point to confirm when we sat down that we were in the fifth row, so we knew exactly where to look. As we walked in, one of the new audience picked up a phone from that area and handed it to a cast member. It was not Celeste's phone...which made it all the more hilarious. And it also confirmed what the cast members were saying about how people are more likely to turn phones in than to steal them.

Eventually Alice, who is basically a hero at life, found the phone tucked under a chair, doing a darn good job of blending in with the carpet. And we all went on our merry way to...Redwood Creek Challenge Trail! We had mentioned to Celeste that there was a play area, and she had never heard of it, so she wanted to check it out with her kids. When we got there, she was surprised, because evidently she had been thinking more of a McDonald's play place, or maybe like the splash area they used to have at A Bug's Land (extra unnecessary emphasis brought to you by our bitterness about Disney taking out one of the best areas for kids to replace it with dumb old superheroes).

So we took the kids exploring. They have a miniature rock-climbing wall, and we thought the kids might like to try it out. So I led the way and Gilderoy...was not impressed. He walked up to the rock wall (it's not climbing up so much as climbing in video games when you're walking on a really narrow rock ledge), took a look at it, and decided he didn't want to do it. I was like, "What is wrong with you, child?" So I decided fine, if he wasn't going to do it, I was. And it turned out to be much less strenuous than I remember, which is especially surprising, because I am way more out of shape since the last time I did it. Eventually Gaston and Alice managed to prod Gilderoy into trying it out. He made it about halfway, but that was good enough for us. ...Come to think of it, Gilderoy's main concern was that it would hurt if he fell, and I just remembered he has broken his leg. In that case, he was very brave for trying it anyway.

Meanwhile, Athena was carrying Rosetta, and her arms were getting tired, so she was trying to sit Rosetta next to Gaston and Alice, but she was having none of it. Athena tried to stand her on the ground, she kicked her legs up so they wouldn't touch it. Then Athena just put her down anyway, because Athena was tired.

After the rockwall, we wanted to take the kids into the caves to get their spirit animals like in Brother Bear (I mean, that's not how they did it in Brother Bear, but it's the concept), but the cave was very dark and Gilderoy was having none of it. Meanwhile, Rosetta had discovered the rock slide and it was her new favorite thing. She just kept sliding down and running back up on endless loop. We kept waiting for her to slow down because it was losing its appeal, but she just kept going. She only slowed down because there were other people there.

While that was going on, Gilderoy, who had been told repeatedly not to run off, decided to run off. I started after him, but his dad stopped me in an, "I'll take care of this," sort of way, so I backed off and he went to fetch his son. He came back holding Gilderoy in a sort of Vulcan death grip, and telling him, "You do not run off like that!" while Gilderoy explained through tears, "But they told me to stay there and I didn't want to!" Boo hoo, child. Boo. Hoo.

Gilderoy still refused to go through the spirit cave, but Rosetta let Athena carry her through it. She wouldn't put her hand on the thing to get an animal, but Athena did it and she got a skunk. Thereafter, Athena followed Rosetta all around the rope bridges above us, because Rosetta was too short to go on the tire-swing zipline. Gilderoy was not too short, so Celeste and I waited in line with him, lamenting the fact that we are too tall. Even if we weren't too tall, they only let you ride if you're twelve or younger. Ageists.

When it was his turn, Gilderoy displayed his distaste for listening to instructions once again, and instead of taking the swing to the launch point like everyone else, he just stood around halfway up the path. The cast member had to come help him with it. Then he came swinging down, no fear at all! And when he made it to the end of the zipline, it bounced back and carried him a good halfway up the line again, at which point he lost his grip and face-planted on the ground. It didn't faze him in the least, though. He jumped right up and started telling his mom how cool that was.

Well, we had to let Gilderoy explore on the rope bridges for a while. I commented that it seemed like good cardio because it had me all out of breath, and Gaston said that means you haven't been doing cardio, and I replied that that's all the more reason I could stand to walk across these rope bridges. And then it was off to...the pier? Right, Gilderoy and his father had fast passes for Goofy's Sky School. So we all walked them over there, also to see if there was food the kids might be interested in. Baby Brother started crying his head off because his mom was too tired to carry him (she's been having back trouble) so we imprisoned him in the stroller (he wouldn't let anyone else hold him, either). So we all kind of ganged up on him a little and were like, "Nope, you're staying in the stroller. Deal with it and quit crying." He would not.

We waited for Gilderoy and his father to finish at Goofy's Sky School, then Celeste was going to use the baby swap to take Gilderoy, so Dad took the baby and most of the rest of us went to take Rosetta on the Little Mermaid again, because she was too short for Jumpin' Jellyfish (yet another reason we're annoyed to lose A Bug's Land). Some punk dad and his kid walking in front of us put the idea into Rosetta's head that she'd like to ride on my shoulders. (I complain, but I know full well I could have said no.) So I carried her on my shoulders all the way to the entrance to the Little Mermaid ride, where the cast members informed us that yes, it was closed, and no, they didn't know when it would be open again. Sigh.

So we walked back the other way, and suddenly there were a bunch of cast members standing around a specific area that appeared to be undergoing some kind of cleaning. It was like the cast members were acting as a human quarantine. That usually means there are bodily fluids on the trail, and I didn't want to see that, so I just averted my eyes and kept going. When we got back to where Athena was originally waiting to inform Celeste of our whereabouts (no longer necessary, since the ride was closed), we discovered the source of the mess. Baby Brother was feeling sick. And now we all felt bad for being so stern with him earlier. His father assured us that the child was fine now, so they decided to stick around a while longer.

We headed over to Pixar Pier, because we had been informed that Gilderoy is super into Mario Odyssey right now, and in that game you collect moons. And since there's a midway game where you can win a moon (as mentioned when we went with Sarah and her kids), we figured he ought to play it. And wouldn't you know it, Gilderoy managed to win a medium sized plushie, which did not include moons. The medium prize is a shooting star, which is also pretty cool, and why Gilderoy did not automatically decide to trade.

Finally, Rosetta wanted to go on the Ferris wheel. We asked if she wanted a swinging car or a non-swinging car, and she said she wanted a swinging one. We were a little worried about this, because Celeste wasn't sure if the kids would freak out or not. Gilderoy also said he wanted to go on a swinging car, and I said, "Well, that's where we're going!" So we lined up for a swinging car, and that was one of the more trying waits. Gilderoy kept trying to climb on the handrails, and I was okay with that as long as he wasn't causing any trouble for anybody. But I asked too many questions. I think I was just asking why he felt like he needed to climb on the handrails (it's possible that my voice sounded disapproving, but I assure you it would have been in an, "I'm not sure that's safe" sort of way), and he said he had to, and I asked why, and he said because his mom told him to. I don't approve of lying, so from then on I forbade him from climbing on the handrails. (By "handrails," I mean any part of the queue area that served to divide one switchback from another, which includes handrails, raised sidewalk, etc.)

He kept trying to do it anyway, so I would just lift him up and put him back on the ground. Eventually we got him to apologize for lying, and then we let him climb again, but by then we were almost on the ride. And this was the super exciting part, because the swinging cars are often more thrilling than you expect. We went on it with some kids one time (because there were only two of us, so they put us with another group), and they said it was scarier than California Screamin' (the roller coaster with a loop). I was actually looking forward to it, because I hadn't been on a swinging car (gondola, car...) in a long time, but they only had to send us up once before I was like, "Oh! I keep forgetting how high this is..."

It didn't help that the swinging did induce some motion sickness. Meanwhile, the kids, who as far as I know had never been on this ride before, were just calmly chatting about what they were going to eat after that. And we're sitting there like, "I...don't think I can eat right after this." You may be interested to know that, as far as we know, the swinging gondolas on the Ferris wheel are the only ride that comes equipped with barf bags. And speaking of barfing... While Athena and I contemplated the possibility on the ride, off the ride, Baby Brother did it again. So by the time we got off, Celeste had taken him back to the hotel (they had already used up their one change of clothes for him, after all). Gaston and Alice had already left, as well, so we met up with the children's father and we all headed back to their hotel. Then we walked home and geared up for another day at the park.

Today I'm thankful for finding a connection between the French voice of Cat Noir and our beloved favorite voice actor (incidentally, the English voice of Cat Noir also plays Meliodas, but the Japanese voice of Cat Noir is Ryota Osaka), getting to see Mickey's Philharmagic in English, another lovely time at the Carthay Circle, having an okay time at the activity last night, and getting to partake of the sacrament today.
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