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One of many reasons I love Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun is that it helped us finish work miraculously early again today! And that meant a lot more Miraculous the TV show. Oh man, I love this show so much. I feel like it's been forever since we've had a show that made us react so strongly. Thankfully, we have a good number of manga we translate that really gets us going (like Hanako-kun, and of course Noragami), but sometimes it's nice to enjoy something without the pressure of having to make it perfect ourselves.

I think we have about eight episodes left before we run out again, but alas, we won't have time to watch them because our ward is having a May the 4th activity. We're so over Star Wars that we were thinking we might sit this one out, but they're doing skits at the last minute they asked us to lead the Primary kids in a song. So we want to wear the most antithetical-to-Star-Wars things we can in protest, but alas, we don't have super feminine clothes. We went to the evil river empire to see if we could get some My Little Pony t-shirts real quick, but they didn't have any we liked enough to buy. We don't even own any Sailor Moon shirts; this is tragic. The best we got is Harry Potter. It's still basically Jedi powers, but at least it's not owned by Disney.

On the bright side, at least we can look forward to more Miraculous for that much longer. In the meantime, let's get back to that Disneyland report.

We returned to California Adventure in time to catch Celeste and her family eating lunch at the Pacific Wharf. After making sure the kids all had food, Celeste had just gotten herself a meal and her husband was just finishing up...right in time for their Radiator Springs Racers fast passes to kick in. Celeste told us to take Gilderoy and she would catch up, but to appease Rosetta, who was not tall enough and therefore could not go with us, she promised she'd take her on the Little Mermaid Ride.

Then there was some confusion (on my part) about fast passes and who all was going when and where, and basically what it amounted to was that first I went with everyone else to Radiator Springs Racers, but then I went to trade fast passes with Celeste, and when I was there, Rosetta was like, "Are you going to go on this with us?" and I was like, "Do you want me to?" and she was like, "Yeah!" and she was so cute and so excited that I couldn't say no (which was just as well, because Gaston didn't have a fast pass, so they used mine for him), and I stayed and we held hands and danced in the line, and it was super adorable. Of course Baby Brother was with us, and when we got in the building and saw the seashell vehicles, he perked right up.

Before we got on the ride, Rosetta got carried away with her dancing and danced right into one of the stanchions. She started crying, and I made the biggest mistake of the entire trip. I picked her up to comfort her. From then on, the ground was abhorrent to her, and she was bumming rides from people everywhere we went. Unless we were in a queue with some kind of a raised barrier (like a curb), in which case she would insist one walking (sideways, because there was no room otherwise) along it...very, very slowly. Ah, kids.

Some of you may remember that Rosetta didn't have a lot of fun on this ride last time, but I guess her time away from it has given her time to think and realize that Ursula wasn't going to hurt her. She'd already been on the ride once before, in fact, and her mother reports that she acted much the same way she did with me. In my case, the specific story goes like this: We got to Ursula's lair, and Rosetta put on her brave face. She shouted, "You're bad, Ursula!" I, trying to be supportive, added, "Yeah!" Rosetta continued, "You're never gonna marry Eric!" I added, "Never!" She went on, "Never!" I added, "Never ever!" and she finished, "Never ever! Ever!" ...And that was just about the cutest thing ever.

Now that Eric and Ariel were successfully married, we went back to Cars Land to meet up with the rest of our party, and were very foolish in communication. I think everybody assumed the other party would message whenever they were done with whatever they were doing, and therefore failed to do just that. So we took Rosetta and Baby Brother on Rollickin' Roadsters, and while we were on that, the rest of the party made their way to the Little Mermaid ride to meet us there.

As for Gilderoy and Radiator Springs Racers...I don't think he provided much by way of cute stories. Athena tells me all he said was, "You said it would be nighttime when we were driving." She, knowing he didn't like the dark, had warned him that we would be going to Radiator Springs and it would be nighttime. She's sure someone asked him what he thought about it, but she doesn't remember his answer. He did go on it again with him mom later. Athena also tells me that Alice tried to ask him how school was, and he got annoyed because how is he supposed to know--he's on vacation.

And that about sums it up for our pre-lunch adventures. We detached ourselves from the group again because we had reservations at the Carthay Circle. We wanted to get there early so we could request the same waitress we had last time, but they wouldn't let us in until ten minutes before our reservation time. That did not deter us from asking for the waitress...which led to the most awkward experience I've had in recent memory. But you'll get to hear all about that next time.

Today I'm thankful for all the feels from watching Miraculous, getting to watch like nine episodes, finishing work super early today, having one more review written, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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