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Birthday miracle

Oh my gosh, you guys, we just got the best birthday present from the universe! First, we finished the first draft we were supposed to do miraculously quickly--we didn't even get through all of the Noragami soundtracks before we finished the whole thing, start to finish. ...That actually made me wonder if we'd made a wrong decision, because we'd been offered an anime project that we really really really wanted to do, but we knew if we accepted it, it would destroy our free time, and since we still haven't fully recovered from burnout, we couldn't really let that happen, so we said no, but then we finished today's quota in superspeed, so I was like, "Oh, maybe we should have said yes..." but then I remembered that we needed to finish this draft super fast because we started the book today and it's due tomorrow.

Nevertheless, we ended up with a bunch of free time, and now since we weren't working on an anime project, we had to figure out what to do with it. We wrote up a review for Fire Force 16, and even though we have four more reviews to write, we decided we couldn't sit at the computer anymore, so we went to watch the new episode of Sarazanmai. I'm...not sure I'm ready to comment on that series. But by the time it was over, Page was on my lap, so we couldn't just get up and do something else. Fortunately, there was a new episode of Freelancers up, so we watched that and were mildly disappointed by it (it was still funny, but not one of the best episodes), and we still had a lap cat. Then Athena remembered all the ladybugs that have been popping up lately--there was one on our calendar for April, and we didn't even realize there were a couple on our birthday balloon when we picked it out, and then there was one on the toy Athena got in her Kinder Joy. (Speaking of Kinder Joy, guys, I think the ban on Kinder Eggs has worked in the USA's favor, because Kinder Joy are waaay more delicious, oh my goodness. And the toys are just as awesome!)

So Athena figured, well, we're just killing time with the TV, might as well check Netflix to confirm once again that they still don't have French audio for Season 2 of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. ...Only we were wrong. They did have French audio. I could hardly believe it. I was sure that the video would start playing, we'd realize it was actually an old one from Season 1, we'd skip ahead to Season 2, and find out that it still wasn't available in French. Only I was still wrong. It was actually the first episode of Season 2, IN FRENCH! And Adrien was soooooooo cute, oh my goodness, you guys. And it was so great, because we watched some anime last night (Kimetsu no Yaiba and Wise Man's Grandchild), and I was like, "We got a bunch of interesting premises going on, but why can I not care about any of these characters? Is it me? Am I beyond feeling?" But I love the characters in Miraculous so much. It might still be me, but in that case, I'm even more happy to know that there are characters I can care about despite my stone cold heart. ...So we watched seven episodes.

And here I am supposed to be reporting about our Disneyland trip. But I had to write about Miraculous because I'm so excited!!! It was last year on our birthday that we were so disappointed to get new Miraculous but no new Miraculous in French. Now it's our birthday again and we can finally see more of Marinette and Adrien. Oh, we're so happy.

And for anyone tuning in to read about our adventure at Disneyland with more munchkins, let us begin the report.

It began on Monday morning, when Gaston and Alice came to pick us up a little after eight. It started raining before we got there, but I'm not sure that's going to factor into the story much. When we arrived at California Adventure, we dropped our friends off at Fiddler, Fifer & Practical's Cafe (because they hadn't had breakfast) and headed over to Cars Land to meet up with Celeste and her fam. Fortunately, they were easily identifiable from the brightly colored matching Donald and Daisy shirts they were wearing (especially with everyone else wearing ponchos). As soon as we were close enough to converse, Rosetta informed us, "We don't know where you are!" Well, that problem is easily solved, little girl. Soon thereafter, she informed Athena, "You're the twins, because it's your birthday." I'm not sure that one is as easily solved.

We went to get fast passes for Radiator Springs Racers while Celeste and her kids went on Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, and then Gaston and Alice showed up and then...Rollickin' Roadsters was closed because of the rain, so we went to the Hollywood Backlot to take Rosetta, who was all dressed up as Anna, to meet Anna and Elsa. Turns out Elsa was out "stopping some avalanches up north," so it was just Anna today, but she was pretty great. Celeste got a picture of her waving her braids in Baby Brother's face. As we left, we walked past a doorway with somebody else hiding behind it. It was Olaf! And let me tell you, when Olaf doesn't say anything, he's way more adorable. This Olaf was really great, too, high-fiving the kids, and asking them (through gestures, of course) to touch his nose. Baby Brother was, as most kids his age are, simultaneously enchanted and terrified. So when Olaf got close to let Baby touch his nose, Baby freaked out a little bit, but once we got Rosetta and Gilderoy doing it, Baby caught on and now it was the greatest thing. If I remember correctly, Olaf got several warm hugs from each of the children.

After that, we realized it was time for Farley's first set, so the two of us took off with Gaston and Alice to go see him. You see, there was a special reason that Gaston and Alice had decided to come to Disneyland that day, and our birthday lunch was only part of it. The other part is that, on learning that Farley was officially retiring, we wanted to do something for him. Athena and I knew that Alice had one of those fancy embroidery machines, and when she and Gaston got the news of the retirement, we said, "Oh yeah! That's what we wanted to get embroidered on something! The 'I had fun with Farley' sticker!" Alice is a go-getter, so she pulled out her smartphone and found an Etsy seller who could digitize the image and make a sewing machine pattern right then and there.

Armed with that new file, we decided the best thing to make (and fortunately Alice agreed, because we all knew she would be doing all the work) would be a quilt, with patches representing different fun with Farley. So we have the sticker design (three times), a fiddle, a partridge in a pear tree (from The Twelve Days of Christmas), cowboy boots, a cowboy hat (that also has text saying "knock knock" "ya who?" (Farley tells a lot of knock-knock jokes)), a snowman with text saying "Tall! Tall! Tall!", and a little hand high-fiving a big hand to represent his signature high-five. Alice managed to finish it before she and Gaston left on their cruise, and since they had the time to come down, they wanted to deliver it to him.

So deliver it we did, and he loved it! He said in a kind of dramatic voice, "I'm going to cry!" which could be taken as an exaggeration, or it could be taken as his way of actually pushing back tears. Gaston and Alice said he seemed choked up. I was too busy worrying about how he was going to have to hang onto that thing all day, and even though it was beautiful and I see every reason to love it, I worry about inconveniencing people. But I think he was sincere. And we asked him for our birthday buttons, and after he wrote our names on them, he turned them around and wrote thank you on the back and signed his name. Those are going to be our most keepsake-iest birthday buttons.

While we were still hanging out with him, who should arrive but the official Farley Facebook page photographers. So we unfolded the quilt again (Alice managed to fold it perfectly three times; she's a miracle-worker) and they took a picture to post to his page. Last we saw (a day or two ago? what day is it now?), I think it had about 465 likes. And one of the times Alice went to fold it up, she was held up by the cast members at the counter she was borrowing, who wanted to admire it. It really was lovely.

And I think this post is long enough now. We should go to bed so we can finish our work and watch more Miraculous!

Today I'm thankful for getting to try the joy that is Kinder Joy, getting to watch more Miraculous! AAAAAHHH!, work going super well today, Page keeping us pinned long enough to discover that we could watch more Miraculous, and Farley seeming to really like the gift we had Alice make for him.
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