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Saint Young Men

We're going to be spending tomorrow and Tuesday at Disneyland with family, and not updating LiveJournal those days, so first I wanted to address the matter of Review Rednesday. What with all the soul-crushing busyness that came up, I forgot to mention this past week's new releases! And I wanted to tell everybody, because I think you're going to want to be ready for this coming week's review. Why? Because we translated Saint Young Men! Tadah!

It seems like the type of thing people might have questions about, so I wanted to make sure everybody(?) who's interested had a chance to check it out before I started posting about it. I mean, it's not like there's really anything to spoil, as far as spoilers are concerned, but just in case. This seems like a good place to talk about how we got involved in the project, but the story is all in the review, so there's not much point in telling it twice. Anyway, now you know, so you can be ready!

In other news, we're pretty much wiped out. Before today, it was four days straight of working all day, and I feel like that shouldn't have wiped us out so much, since last year we did that five days a week for several weeks in a row. I think there might be two contributing factors to the extra exhaustion. One is that we went to Disneyland with small children the week before this one, and the other is that church is an hour earlier this year, so we haven't been making up for our lost sleep on Sunday mornings. I hope this doesn't mean we have to start taking naps on Sundays...

But as far as this Sunday is concerned, it's not even seven o'clock and we're thinking maybe our plans for the evening are to just go to bed. They would definitely be to go to bed, except that we might be getting a phone call from Gaston regarding our plans for tomorrow. So we'll just see what happens.

Today I'm thankful for Singing Time going well today, getting some chocolate peanut butter cup cookies, getting to open our Wizarding World crates (maybe more on that when we're less pooped), getting to spend most of the day relaxing, and the prospect of going to sleep fairly soon.
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