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Oh my goodness, this month just gets more and more exciting. We finished the late rush job (rushed because we were late, I should probably point out) without any trouble, and then we went on to finish Missions of Love, in the hopes of then also finishing Hatsu*Haru. We were less successful in this last endeavor, but at least we sort of made good progress. And we took time out to have a lovely chat with our sister on the phone. The only trouble with it is that we have learned that the backup (that is to say, Grandma and Grandpa) will not be joining us during their now two-day trip to Disneyland, which means they're sincerely hoping we'll be able to spend as much time with them as possible to help wrangle the munchkins. And that will be Monday and Tuesday, which means we won't have Monday to finish up our unfinished work.

On the bright side, we did find out that we will not be expected to help with the music at tomorrow's funeral, which means we'll have more time to sleep in and take care of errands in addition to finishing today's unfinished work. So it's not quite all that crushing.

In the meantime, I have a California Adventure report to finish up before another one comes along to take it's place, so let's get to it!

During dinner, Grawp talked about how he wanted to go back to Paradise Pier (it's Pixar Pier now, but I'll call it what I want) to play another midway game. Before Athena and I arrived at California Adventure, they had played the horse-racing game, where Grawp won a big plush Woody. Now he wanted to play the water gun game. Sarah had realized that she'd left the stroller in that area anyway, so we figured we might as well all go back to get it, and play a game while we were at it.

But here's the problem. Sarah had helped Grawp to win that Woody, and now she wanted to help Hermy win the water gun game. ...She did, and Grawp won anyway (he let Hermy pick the a WALL-E toy and gave it to her), but for those of you keeping score at home, you'll remember that there is a third child in this mix, and he was not happy to be the only one without a toy. He wasn't entirely materialistic about it--he wanted to play a game to win the toy. But of course, that cost money, and while I whole-heartedly approve of trying to get a Bug's Life toy (as Hagger was suggesting), that's a harder game...oh, and Athena just reminded me!

Speaking of the Bug's Life game! On our way back to the midway games, we passed by a party accompanied by one of the tell-tale cast member costumes that informed us there was a Very Rich Person in the group. Most of the time it's nobody we recognize--either because we really don't know about that many celebrities or because it's just some rich person who's not also famous. But this time it was somebody I recognized--it was Dave Foley! You guys! I saw Dave Foley at California Adventure! And I couldn't help myself. I didn't harass him or anything. I just yelled out, "Flik's the best!" and hoped he heard me. I think I saw a twitch of, "I think I heard something..." and that's enough for me.

Anyway. We wanted to help Hagger get a toy, but we didn't want to pay for a game and then have him not get a toy. So Athena and I said we were going to play the La Luna game, based on the Pixar short about star catching or whatever it was. (I think I've seen it once...?) That's the one that used to be the fishing game, but now is stars. A bunch of little plastic stars float by in a little flume, and when you pay to play, you get a net to catch one of them! And each one of them has a colored dot on it representing what size toy you get. The best part is you're guaranteed to get a toy, and on top of that, they're the cutest toys on the midway.

We let Hagger and Grawp play for us, and they each got to pick a little toy (of course those are the ones with the greatest odds, but they're still pretty darn cute). Grawp picked a crescent moon and Hagger picked the star that was winking. And oh my goodness, you guys, that little star made him the happiest kid. It was so sweet. He loved it so much. He said he was going to name it Blinky (because it was blinking one eye), which Sarah informs us is especially impressive because these kids very rarely name their toys. I guess that's probably a common occurrence in a society where most of the toys are branded and therefore already have names. Oh, but it was so heartwarming to see how much he loved that little star plushie. Definitely five dollars well spent.

We made our way back to the restaurant where Mom and Steve were waiting for us, and by this time everybody was getting tired, so we were just going to do a couple more rides and then leave. Grawp decided that he was brave enough, and the line was short enough, that we could take him on Goofy's Sky School. We had a fairly good time hanging out in line, and then it was time to go! We talked him through the whole ride, and we warned him about the scariest part. He had kind of an odd scream. Like, more like the kind of scream you hear on TV during scary scenes in movies and stuff than the kind of scream you would make on a thrill ride. Well, he doesn't have a lot of thrill ride experience, so that's okay. Grawp's not exactly a thrill seeker, so when we asked him how he liked it, he held out a sideways thumb, which means he didn't love it, but he didn't hate it.

Meanwhile, Mom had taken Hermy on the Little Mermaid ride about four times. Apparently there was no line. We made our way over there to meet them (when we told Grawp where they were, he was like, "They went on the Little Mermaid ride?" and we were like, "Yeah, do you want to go on it, too?" and he was like, "Duh!" like he was a little upset that people were going on it without him), and on the way there he said, "I liked that little roller coaster. There was only a little screaming." Apparently when he went on Radiator Springs Racers, he screamed during the entire fast part.

Then we went on the Little Mermaid ride--Mom and Hermy were in line ahead of us, but the line was so short we didn't see much point in cutting to join them. And when we finished, Sarah joined us with Hagger, because after three times on the Little Mermaid, he wanted to go on Jumpin' Jellyfish instead. And then we went to Elias & Co., the big department store near the park entrance, to pick up some RCs Mom and Steve had purchased and sent for storage.

While they went to pick up the toys, we browsed with the kids and ran into...the reversible sequins. Not surprisingly, Sarah's kids are just as magnetically attracted to reversible sequins as we are, to the point where Sarah is rather upset that they put them on little girls' t-shirts, because she has a very young son who does not understand that it's very inappropriate for him to feel a girl's chest. (We always knew that would cause trouble. Good thing he wasn't there when we and Gaston saw a woman wearing a dress covered in them. Gaston suggested we leave a single handprint on her posterior. Obviously we didn't.)

Somehow we all got lost from the grandparents, but we did eventually find them waiting outside. I don't remember why, but we paused on our way out just long enough for me to realize that Blinky was missing. Sarah ran back into the store to see if she could find him while Athena inwardly wailed in despair that the downtime would present the children (who were miraculously still full of ginger) another opportunity to run off. But she thought quickly, and immediately came up with a way to grab their attention and keep them in one spot. She lined them up and started a game of Simon Says. My favorite part of it was when she said, "Simon says raise your hand," and some random teenage kid was walking by and raised his hand.

Fortunately, they only had to play for about twenty seconds before Sarah came running back with Blinky. Hagger had left him under the first display of reversible sequin shirts. I always knew those shirts would be trouble. But I'm glad I let Sarah run to find Blinky instead of going myself (which is what I would normally do), because she knew exactly where to find him, and I would have been looking all over the place.

Now that all the toys were safely back in our possession, it was time to return the stroller, take everyone to the bathroom, and say our goodbyes. Those kids are all really good huggers. It was exhausting, but we had a good time. And the next day, we visited the evil river empire, and now we have our own set of face paint to bring with us next time we go up to visit the family.

Today I'm thankful for getting as much work done as we did, it looking like we'll have more time to work tomorrow, thoughts of getting to relax on Sunday, getting to at least take a break for dinner (at this point I'm not sure if that was a mistake, but it was important to keep morale up), and having a lovely conversation with Celeste. And getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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