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It's a miracle!

Our prayers were answered, and we finished the late rush project! ...Well, almost. We still need to do a final read-through, which is especially important this time, since we were so rushed. We figured it would be safer to go over it with fresh eyes tomorrow morning. But we will be able to get the whole translation turned in by 3pm Eastern time tomorrow, and that means we won't have to push back our other assignments any more than we already have.

And that means we have some time to continue our California Adventure report!

Let's see, last time we were just about to go use the Midway Mania fast passes. Well, the thing is, when they got the fast passes, Hermy was still opposed to all indoor rides, so they didn't get one for her. Athena and I didn't have fast passes, either, because they got them before we got inside the park. Well, that was okay, because we hadn't been over that way since they opened the new carousel, and we wanted to check it out. Hermy's a big fan of carousels, so we figured it was a good way to divide and conquer.

The new carousel is such that I didn't bother to remember its new name. It used to be King Triton's Carousel, with old-timey sea creatures to ride on, and it had seals and otters and dolphins and I'm making myself a little sad remembering it. They were carved in the same style as your typical carousel horse, and it was (as previously mentioned) old-timey in a fun sort of way. The new carousel is named after Jessie from Toy Story, I think. They decided to make a carousel with all the critters that you can win imaginary toys of in the Midway Mania ride, and Athena informs me that they're all in Woody's Round-Up from Toy Story 2. The fact that I have no memory of what the animals look like in that (and consequently don't remember that they apparently look like the critters on the Toy Story ride) is a testament to how little I care for their designs. In fact, it was more than our usual disdain for Pixar that had us unhappy to find out the fate of King Triton's Carousel. It was also the designs of those animals...well, and the fact that The Little Mermaid is pretty much the best, and anything else seems like a step downward.

But anyway, the good news is, whoever was in charge of actually making the carousel animals decided to make them cuter than the original designs. So instead of being like, "Ew, really?" like we normally are with that kind of thing (I mean, it has its place, but not, for example, in a movie like The Princess and the Frog (see: the swamp animals at the frogs' wedding)), we were like, "Oh, they're kind of cute!" They were all the kinds of animals you'd see in the Wild West--rabbits, turtles, armadillos, deer. The skunks, annoyingly, were all positioned backwards with their tails up. And the benches were carved to look like fallen logs with owls living in their hollows, so that was nice.

We were told that Hermy would want to ride on a yellow rabbit. I guess she was pretty adamant about it last time. This time, however, she wanted to ride on a green turtle. That was easy enough--all the turtles were green. ...Or it would have been, if we hadn't been some of the last people let on the carousel for this round. All the turtles were claimed before we could get to them! Hermy's pretty chill about it, though, and fortunately, there happened to be a yellow rabbit available. There were very few other animals available, though, so while Athena rode on a green buzzard, I stood behind Hermy. At one point during the ride, she held up her hand as if to wave. She didn't actually wave, but she held her hand there...almost in a mudra, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't know what that is. But it was nice, because some people in the line waved back!

When the ride was over, Hermy declared it to be the "most fun ever!" and we were all very happy to have had such a good time. Until. we went over to Midway Mania to see if we could figure out how long it would be before we could meet up with the rest of our party, and it was at that point that Hermy realized there was another ride in there that she was not going on. Maybe the Little Mermaid ride had boosted her courage to the point where she actually wanted to try it. At any rate, when I looked past the queue to see the ride vehicles, there was the rest of our party disembarking, so now not only did Hermy know it was a ride, but she knew her brothers had just gone on it without her. It's not like we were keeping it a secret or anything...maybe we forgot to make sure she knew the whole plan. Or maybe she was just hungry. At any rate, all her joy from the carousel had been thoroughly squelched.

We decided it was time for dinner. We all made our way over to the pizza & pasta place, where the grownups tried desperately to eat and regain some energy while the children continued to wander around unchecked. Not totally unchecked--Athena didn't get to eat her dinner sitting down. It wasn't so bad at first. There was a planter across from us that the kids just liked to edge their way around. And there was a live band, which meant that Hermy was all about dancing. Oh my goodness, though, it was the cutest thing ever. It was so cute that one of the Asian guys sitting across the way took a video of her on his phone. ...Hopefully that doesn't end up on a creepy website, but I don't think she was doing anything she'd be ashamed of people seeing.

But then the kids started wandering farther, and there was only one grownup to follow them and make sure they didn't get lost. She did a great job, though! ...And I'm sorry for not helping.

Well, that's all for now. For only half a day at California Adventure, this report sure is taking a long time to write. Oh well.

Today I'm so very thankful for finishing the late rush job, having time to watch a little teeny tine bit of TV, there just happening to be a new episode of Freelancers to watch in our small amount of free time, getting to see the new carousel, and getting our package from Uniqlo.
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