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I'm fine, why do you ask?

Things were going...not so well today. We had a simulpub to do, and it was giving us trouble. And of course we were working on that instead of the extra Fire Force translation because that one had us completely and utterly stumped. And of course we were working on that instead of either of the two entire books of manga we have due on Friday (at least we had a first draft done of each of them).

But it was okay! Because we finished the simulpub and the Fire Force and we even had a fair amount of time to work on one of those due-Friday books! (Let's keep in mind that a second draft of a full book of manga takes a full work day if we're lucky. (One of them is Missions of Love, though, and that one usually does only take a day.)) So we were feeling pretty good about life.

Until dinnertime. Right before we were going to wrap it up for the day, have dinner, and play Kingdom Hearts for the night (maybe watch some anime first), we got an email from an editor. It was all, "Hey, remember that book I asked you to get in yesterday? I can see you didn't do that, but if you could get it in by Friday, that would be great. 3pm Eastern time?" And we were all, "Oh, snap." And we were also like, "...Wait, I don't think we have that book."

So we emailed her right back, bought the book on Book Walker, took a dinner break because we still have to eat and we wanted some non-work-related joy in our lives before we had to completely immerse ourselves in work, and now here we are with half a first draft! Woohoo! It's a very good thing we like this series. And it's kind of wordy, but usually not too tricky to make sound like normal English, so we think there's a good chance we'll get...a significant chunk of it done on time. We told our editor we'd turn in whatever we could and get the rest done over the weekend...which hopefully means by the end of Friday, but what I'm really praying for is that we'll get the whole thing done on time and then get to spend the rest of the day finishing Missions of Love.

We're going to have to email our editor on the other book and warn them that it will probably be late. Hopefully only a Monday late, though, because not only is our other sister coming to Disneyland with her kids on Tuesday, but we have another unstarted book due that Friday.

But so far, the Lord has been good to us, and we've been making good progress, as well as maintaining our sanity. For this I am very grateful.

Today I'm thankful for making a little progress on that one edit before this crisis hit, making a good amount of progress on the crisis, mug cake, at least not having to worry about the simulpub anymore (we might still have some Fire Force worrying to do...), and the ladybug on our calendar for April.
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