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Today was a little intense. We had two simulpub chapters to translate, which was only especially hard because one of them was the soccer series, and we have such a hard time with the soccer terms. But this chapter wasn't so bad in that regard. After that we had some follow-up translation to do on the most recent volume of Fire Force, and it was only a few things, so we were sure we could just finish it up real quick and be done for the day...except there was a pop culture(?) reference(?) that we could not find any information on whatsoever. We tried everything we could think of, but to no avail. So that was an extra half hour with nothing to show for it.

We were a little bummed, so we went to get the mail because we're expecting an order from Uniqlo and we wanted to make sure it wasn't taking up space in the mailbox. It hadn't arrived yet, so we were disappointed there, too. And Loot Crate is still not helping us with our missing Wizarding World crate, and we tried a new anime that wasn't great, and it's just not been a great evening. But! then we turned on Kingdom Hearts, and the new version was available for download! And it did it automatically, and we were so happy because we were afraid that playing the Japanese version of the game on an American PS4 might cause weird regional issues that prevented us from getting any of the upgrades. But we got them! And the first thing we noticed is that they finally have check marks next to the things you've already synthesized! And that was one of the things that had us going, "Why in the world would you change that? Kingdom Hearts II was so perfect, and you had to go and mess with it!" But now it's fixed, and we don't have to go all the way to Jiminy's mobile portal to check what we've synthesized and then try and remember it when we go back to the moogle to synthesize things. ...Just trust us, it's a super awesome thing.

So now we're feeling much better, and hopefully I didn't bore you all away before getting to the fun stuff! Let's get back to that California Adventure report!

After Hermy went to see Captain Marvel, the boys wanted to go on the Monsters, Inc. ride. They'd been on it before we arrived, which tells us that Hermy, too, had been on it and cried through it. Needless to say, she wasn't interested. So Sarah took her in the stroller and basically just wandered around until we got off the ride. (Except for when Hermy said she wanted to do Turtle Talk with Crush, but then the wait for the next show was so long that she changed her mind.) Meanwhile, we waited in line with Grawp and Hagger, who were content to let us swing them up and down or give them piggyback rides until one of them got the bright idea to start switching our hats around. We've made it a habit to wear our Chip and Dale hats to Disneyland when we go with kids, and Grawp and Hagger like to take them and put them on themselves. Only now they discovered they could switch them on us, or take them from each other, and other such shenanigans. This made for a rather rowdy and almost violent game of musical hats, but the boys were laughing the whole time, and miraculously managing not to hurt anybody else in line, so we were happy to let it continue. Hagger even said he loved playing musical hats.

We got off the ride (I seem to remember some excitement about the scary snake guy, but I think it was mostly just telling us that he would be around, then pointing him out when they saw him; there is a neat part on the ride where Randall uses his camouflage to disappear, so maybe that's what they were so excited about) and met back up with Sarah and Hermy, who decided that now she wanted to go see Crush for real. So we went to the Animation Building and, having just missed the next show, we went to the Sorcerer's Workshop, where all the children were appropriately appreciative of the neat little gadgets that are supposed to be educational about the animation process. We moved on to the Beast's Library, where Hagger took the "which Disney character are you?" personality quiz approximately thirty-six hundred times, and yet somehow only completed about thrice...ish? We know he got Rapunzel once and Scar once... And Athena thinks Mulan?

Athena got Ariel and Lilo, because of course Hagger's not going to take the quiz without saying, "Now you do it!" He also had different methods of taking the quiz, for example, taking turns answering the questions where Athena always hit the castle and he always hit the crown. (The questions are multiple choice with two choices each. The castle and crown are the touch-sensitive spots that will accept the answer, because this game was invented before touch-screen tech really took off.) We suspect he really just wanted to take goofy pictures (the quiz takes your picture before asking questions, and you get a different character accordingly--Athena says the difference is in whether or not you're showing your teeth).

Finally it was time for Turtle Talk with Crush...but Hermy, who had insisted she did not need to go when Sarah and Grawp both went to use the bathroom mere minutes before, now needed to go potty and Could Not wait. Sarah tried to run her over and back, but by the time they returned, the doors had already closed. So Athena and I took the boys to see the show, and Crush seemed rather drawn to those two at this time of day. He starts out by picking a kid in the audience to talk to, and this time he chose Hagger. This time, Hagger's answers were pretty standard, so I don't want to bore myself with the details. Eventually he got to asking who Hagger came with, and Hagger said Grandma and Grandpa, which was not untrue, but was unhelpful, because Crush's next move in the script is to start talking to the guardians named.

So he asked where Grandma and Grandpa were, and there was silence. The audience area is divided into tide pools, where the kids sit on the floor, and chairs for anyone who doesn't want to sit on the floor. For some reason, Grawp and Hagger were sitting in tide pools on opposite sides of the room, Athena was with Hagger, and I was in a chair in the front row behind Grawp. Since Athena was closest to Hagger, it fell to her to identify herself as Hagger's aunt. And that would have been awesome if this part weren't so the same every single time. ...That wouldn't be so bad either if it weren't a little annoying. Crush asks how many kids the guardian is in charge of, no matter how many they say, he goes, "You're just getting started!" because, as a sea turtle, he has like 150 kids. And frankly, I'm tired of his superiority complex (it must be in the delivery, because the line itself seems pretty harmless). Then he asks if the kids as a ton of questions, and that made Athena pause, because in all honesty we're not sure. I think we don't really notice, because we answer them and move on with the conversation. But the point is, Crush then says, "And I bet you know all the answers," to which Athena replied, "Naturally," and no matter what you say, Crush always says, "Yeah, I make 'em up, too." And it bothers us, because we really don't make up answers. Sometimes we'll speculate, like, "Maybe..." but we're also not afraid to say I don't know. And I don't appreciate him assuming that I'm as dishonest as he is. But Athena was just playing along with him, because she knew how the script was supposed to go, and there had been some awkward pauses with Hagger.

So the show went on, and then Crush opened the floor for questions from the audience, and who got to ask the first question but Grawp. This where we had the really long pauses. Grawp is a very deliberate child. When Crush calls on a kid, first he asks their name, then he gives them an alliterate turtle nickname (usually has something to do with surfing), then he asks how old they are. For some reason, Grawp completely froze at this question, but I wasn't sitting right behind him, so I couldn't just whisper in his ear. I did try the whisper-shout thing, you know, where you're using a whisper, but still shouting so it will carry. The cast member with the microphone heard me and did nothing, maybe in the hopes that Grawp had heard me too, but he still showed no indication of that. Another mother who was sitting with her children heard me a little later, and started asking, "Seven? Are you seven?" The cast member nodded, but Grawp remained frozen for a few seconds that felt much longer than that. Finally he said "Seven" into the microphone, and then Crush was able to keep going, first saying, "The suspense was killing me!"

Then it was time for Grawp to ask his question... Well, the pause wasn't as long and awkward. He asked how old Crush was, and of course I already knew the answer was 150 and still young. I haven't even seen the show that many times. But then Crush had a question for Grawp, and he brought out a Buzz Lightyear action figure and asked Grawp what it was and what it was for. He was still pretty slow to answer; I guess he was just star struck or having stage fright or something. At any rate, my favorite part was when Crush asked if Grawp thought Crush's son Squirt would like the Buzz Lightyear, and Grawp says, "I don't know!" in a tone like, "Why would you even ask me that? I don't know your kid!" Seriously, how is he supposed to know what Squirt would and would not like?

And the show went on as usual, but I don't care about it, so that's all your going to get from me. Except for the fact that, once the show ended, Hagger was out of the room practically before the doors had even opened. That kid can be fast. But the main reason you won't get anything else from me is that, now that Hermy was back from the bathroom, she was determined not to miss the show this time. And that means! we got to see it again!

And it was like deja vu all over again. Crush seemed maybe he'd caught a cold or something? His voice was different. Maybe the voice inside his head had been replaced...and the process gave him amnesia, because guess who was the first kid he called on! It was Hagger! Only this time, Hagger was less shy and more zany. When he asked Hagger's name, he replied (only using his real name), "Hagger Hagger Hagger I love my name Hagger!" Crush gave him a nickname, and he goes, "Noooo, I don't like that name!" Crush was rather cooperative and tried again. Still no. He wanted to be called his real-life equivalent of Hagger-Hagger. So that's what Crush called him throughout the interview. And that was probably the most exciting part of the show for me.

I did leave out last time the part where Crush taught Hagger how to speak turtle, and I realized that but didn't go back to add it because it went down pretty much the same way both times. Crush would say, "Say totally," and Hagger would say, "Totally-totally!" It didn't quite sound like the same word twice, like maybe he was still into the Scuttle-Guttle rhyming scheme. And basically he would do that with every word, and Crush just pretended it was all normal. (Oh, but Athena reminds me that this time, when Crush asked him if he knew how to talk like a turtle, Hagger said, "They keep their mouths closed most of the time except when they eat." And Crush was all, "Whoa, you know a lot about us turtles.")

Once again, Crush called on Grawp to ask a question, and this time Grawp was much more alert. His question was if Crush had ever eaten salmon. Crush's answer was, "No, dude, we have this saying here, 'Fish are friends, not food.'"

And the show went on. Hermy was familiar enough with the program to realize when it was coming to an end, and Hagger (and consequently Sarah) and Grawp had both gotten to talk to Crush, but she didn't, so she started crying, poor girl. I almost want to tell her, "It's okay, he's just a boring old turtle anyway!" Because for my part, while I wasn't really that bored, I was overcome with an intense desire to force Crush to go off-script. So on the one hand, I want to come up with the most off-the-wall questions to see how different we can really make this show, but on the other hand, I wouldn't want to sit through the rest of it that much. (Athena suggests that the best would be to treat him like some kind of a counselor or therapist--just launch into this long story about a problem you're having and end with, "What do you think I should do?")

Don't worry about Hermy, though, because soon after that, we met up with the grandparents and she was given cotton candy. It was blue flavored, and for the rest of the night, half of her face had a blue tint to it, which I thought was hilarious. The original idea was to get "real food," but Steve pointed out that they had fast passes to Toy Story Midway Mania, so we decided to do that first--hence the cotton candy was purchased to tide the children over.

But I need to get to bed, so this story will continue later.

Today I'm thankful for check marks in the synthesis menu, finishing our immediate work quota for the day, our nephews and niece not being bored by zoetropes, Hermy's blue face, and getting our package from the evil river empire.
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