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I'm having a night where I can't really even. We've been making tiring plans, and then we came back to email to find out that there was a communication error and we're not getting the help with our missing loot crate that we had hoped to get. I did want to type up more about our California Adventure adventures with the nephews and niece, but...well, maybe if I type a little it will help cheer me up.

We met up with the squirts as they were about to go on the Little Mermaid ride. Despite our late arrival, we managed to get there before they had gone on it, and they were a little bit worried because so far Hermy had cried on every ride she'd been on. (They went to Cars Land before we got there, so we couldn't help with Mater's Junkyard Jamboree like we did with her cousin.)

As it turns out, the ride wasn't very eventful, but when it was over, Hermy told her mother, "That made me happy!" Sarah thinks it helps that they sing "Under the Sea" and "Kiss the Girl" in the car almost every day. Athena tells me that Grawp was singing along with "Under the Sea," which is adorable. I rode with Hagger, and he was just taking it all in, I guess. Oh, except that at the beginning when we passed by Scuttle, I asked him if he knew who that was, and he said it was the seagull, and I said his name is Scuttle, and he said no it's Scuttle-Guttle, which is important, according to Hagger, because it rhymes.

After that, Mom was already wiped out (we knew they'd get worn out quick without us to chase the munchkins around), and it wasn't a bad time to line up to see the...excuse me while I gag a little...the Frozen show at the Hyperion. Fortunately for us, none of the children had any interest in seeing the show, so Mom, Steve, and Kimee got to go relax and sit down through a nice, looong show in air conditioning (it was a rather warm day), while the two of us and Sarah took the kids around the Hollywood Backlot and spare ourselves the rage that would have inevitably filled our entire beings from watching the show again. (We learned last time we sat through it that we have very little tolerance for that ridiculousness.) We did feel a little bad keeping Sarah from the show though, and insisted that if she wanted to see it (the production values are pretty good, after all, even if I want all the characters to explode by the end), but she said she didn't like the story, either, so she hung out with us.

Mostly I feel like we just wandered around...but first Sarah took Hermy to see Captain Marvel, and in retrospect, I wonder how in the world we let that end without us asking what Captain Marvel talked to them about. (The boys weren't interested in seeing Captain Marvel (Hagger has an aversion to costumed characters of all kinds, possibly because of the obvious deception--it was not long before he informed me that this Captain Marvel was just a mom in a Captain Marvel costume (joke's on him, I'm pretty sure that woman hasn't had kids yet)), so we hung back and made sure they stayed out of trouble.)

This is where I want to go on a brief tangent, because Sarah told Athena that she was glad that Hermy is a fan of superheroines, because now she can join in with her brothers instead of being off by herself playing princesses. And I agree that that's great, but it touches on a thought I've had about the so-called toxic Disney Princess culture that is supposedly imposed on girls by the patriarchy. It's always been my opinion that the patriarchy does not impose princesses on girls--it takes them away. Boys don't want to play princesses, so girls don't want to play princesses either, because then they'd have no one to play with. And isn't it nice now that we have more women superheroes so the boys don't have to condescend to the princess level? (I personally think princes and knights and wizards can be pretty awesome, but what do I know?)

But I digress. Hermy was super cute going to see Captain Marvel. Meanwhile, I was checking on the face-painting prices. Grawp had seen some kids going around with face paint, and expressed a desire to get his face painted as well. I thought that was weird, because as a grownup who's lost touch with that particular aspect of my inner child, I super do not see the appeal of putting colored goop on my face (I also don't wear makeup...and yet I am a little more interested in that...maybe I am a little hypocritical here, but I don't have time to go into the psychology behind it), but he was super intent on it. He slipped it in every chance he got. His mom said we'd see how much it cost. And let me tell you, it is so not worth it. There are three different levels, costing $16, $19, and $22. And of course, they don't group the designs by price level, they group them by theme, which means the kids are going to see the Premium designs right next to the Standard ones, and guess which ones they're going to ask for. Yeah, the ones where they do your whole face up like Spider-Man. None of the children got their faces painted that day, and Grawp was a good sport when his mom told him it was too expensive, but it didn't stop him from trying. Every so often, I'd tell him what we were going to do next, and he'd repeat it and add, "...And face paint?" And I would be like, "Nope, but nice try."

Well, it wasn't much, but we need to get to sleep. I think it did help a little.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota, having some left over Reese's Pieces Eggs to eat for a snack today, getting to go questing in the Gummi Ship, getting at least one Wizarding World crate today, and still having super cute amigurumi cats on our desk.
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