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Adventures with the kiddos

We're still tired and sore, but not nearly as much as we were yesterday. We probably shouldn't spend too much time blogging right now, since we have church tomorrow, but I can at least get started on the California Adventure report.

It started on Wednesday, when we went to hang out with the kids and their mom at the hotel. This was a consolation gift to make up for our being uninvited for part of the day at the actual theme park, but I can also see where we were needed, because Mom and Steve were going to a dinner with Mom's coworkers, which meant Sarah would have been alone with three super excited kids for several hours.

We got there at about three-ish, and were greeted with big hugs from all of the children. That was the last of their sweetness. (Not that they weren't sweet, just that they were very excited.) First, since the hotel had a pool, it was imperative that the children get to go swimming. (Last time, too, they stayed at a hotel with a pool, but they missed their window to go swimming because they were out having dinner with us.)

So they all got suited up and off to the pool they went! This was actually a great time for us to sit and chat with Sarah while we all made sure nobody drowned...and it turned out to be a little scarier than we thought. Before much swimming was done, Sarah mentioned that she read about dry drowning, and boy howdy, Hermy gave us a few scares. See, she's only three years old, so she had floaties on her arms, which was great, but she was so excited about everything that she could not keep her mouth closed for the life of her. Sarah even told her to keep her mouth closed so she wouldn't get so much water in her mouth, and she looked at us like she had no idea how to accomplish such a feat. And she's so small that even with the floaties, her face was only a couple of inches above the water, and because the boys were swimming around so much, the water was sloshing all over the place. Frankly, I'm amazed she didn't swallow more water than she did, but the point is, everybody is still alive, nobody got too much water in their lungs, etc. etc.

The one problem with the pool is that it wasn't heated, so once the kids got tired of swimming and the excitement died down, they started shivering up a storm. One by one, they decided it wasn't worth it anymore, and went back to their room to put on dry clothes and turn on the heater. Hermy wasn't content to just sit in a hotel room, though. She managed to find everything in the room that had buttons on it and push them incessantly. ...Okay, I may I have told her where the safe was, but that was to get her away from the phone. The safe's beeping may have been annoying, but at least we weren't risking any awkward phone calls. Nevertheless, Hermy was not content with only one set of buttons, and so she was constantly wandering the room and playing with any buttons or switches she could find (the dials on the AC/heating unit were at her mercy). She is a compulsive button pusher, that one.

And despite the abundance of buttons, it still wasn't enough! She wanted to go outside. Sarah took her on a short walk, and after that, she kept insisting on going out for more. Even when we were all supposed to be eating dinner, she was ready. Fortunately, someone had had the foresight to use the little thingie that makes it so the door only opens a couple of inches--you know, it's either a hook or a chain, way up toward the top of the door. But Hermy's a problem solver, she is. She found a chair, dragged it over to the door all by herself, and stood on top of it to undo that latch. It was at about that point that Sarah noticed what was going on, so she pulled the chair away in an attempt to foil Hermy's plan...not realizing that the latch had already been undone, and by moving the chair, Sarah was playing right into her hands. Now she could open the door and be free! Fortunately, three-year-olds are pretty easy to catch.

Throughout all this, Grawp and Hagger were pretty chill because Athena had brought her iPad and they were content to play Dragon City for about three hours. I mean, their interest waxed and waned, and sometimes one of them (not always the same one) would wander away from it to play with the phone (eventually Sarah just disconnected it) or jump on someone and get a piggyback ride or play Uno. Both Grawp and Hagger managed to destroy me at Uno. Hermy decided she wanted to play, too, so I beat her once (I think; I honestly have no memory of how that game went), and then she very carefully set up the next game, which looked almost like an Uno version of Solitaire. I thought she was just arranging the cards in some kind of an artsy way like kids do sometimes, but then she said it was time to play. So I just kept putting down cards, and she put down cards, and I was sort of a little playing according to the rules, but if she didn't have a matching color or number to put down, I let her put down whatever and she won! Yay! So now all three of them have beaten me at Uno.

And that's all for now. Next time we'll start with the harrowing tale of bedtime.

Today I'm thankful for figuring out what to do about a special musical number in church tomorrow, all the kids surviving the pool, problem-solving nieces, Hershey's with Reese's Pieces being on sale, and also being mostly ready for Singing Time.
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