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Whew, today was long. We had an extra chapter on our weekly simulpub, which wouldn't have been so bad in and of itself, but we also had a lot of extra stuff to deal with, and...okay, so we came across a use of -sama in one of the chapters, and since we're not using Japanese name honorifics for this series, and we don't know enough about this character's relationship to the other character, we asked the internet to help us out with some suggestions for -sama translations.

Instead, the internet directed our attention to another translator's vlog where she talked about why she thinks Japanese name honorifics should be removed, and of course it was the same arguments we've already been over, which had us ranting again. In her defense, she didn't claim that retaining them was an indication of a lazy translation, and in fact she was pretty reasonable about which I mean she wasn't "my way or the highway" about it, but more like "hey, why don't you consider this perspective?" And that's an approach we appreciate, but she still didn't convince us, and so we did what we usually do, which is to continue to argue our point to each other, even though we already agree with it.

Anyway, that plus the extra chapter had us way behind on Sailor Moon, so we decided to work for an extra CD after dinner. We thought it would be okay, but then we had to spend about a billion years (okay, more like half an hour or so) researching medicinal herbs of the Amazon. Thanks a lot, Hawk's Eye. But we still had enough time to watch one episode of Studio C before it was time to come back here and update LJ before going to bed.

So the question I need to ask myself is if there was anything else I wanted to say about Yuki Kaji and Ayumu Murase playing ping pong. *thinks* *thinks* No, I don't think there is. So let's move on. The second episode on the second Kaji 100! DVD featured Yuki Kaji and Takahiro Sakurai learning ikebana. So they teleported to the ikebana place...which happened to be in the very same studio this time, so they were like, "Oh, we're literally in the same room. Maybe it would have been faster to walk." And it probably would have been, because to "teleport," the two voice actors jump, and then they use camera tricks to make it look like they landed in the new place. Only Sakurai-san is a big goofball so he wouldn't just jump like a normal person. (He was also super cute, because when he introduced himself, he introduced himself as the Takahiro Sakurai whose favorite Yuki is Yuki Kaji.)

So then they had their teacher show them the basics of flower arranging, and Sakurai-san was all, "Is it hard?" and the caption on the screen said, "I don't wanna do anything hard." But he got really into it, and this is actually what I think is the most important thing about the whole episode. At the end, when they were doing their review of the experience, he said that it rekindled the feelings he had when he was a kid, when he was very particular about...well, the Japanese language didn't require him to specify what he was particular about, but I think about arts and crafts projects, or even building with blocks or Legos or play-dough, and how they may or may not have a specific vision that they're working toward, but as they work on it, they're very particular about what they want. Meanwhile, as grownups, we look at kids and go, "Eh, they're just kids. They won't care about the quality." But sometimes it seems like kids are paying way more attention than we grownups do, because we're older and more tired and have so much more to think about. ...And I sort of know what my point is, but I'm not sure I can really articulate it, so just...make of all that what you will.

...And I can't think of anything else specific I wanted to say about either of these episodes, but we sure had a good time watching them. I look forward to the day, one day, when we can get another one.

Today I'm thankful for finally finding all the relevant information about Amazonian herbs (and let me tell you, if you put "Amazon" in the search, it usually is the opposite of helpful), having time to watch a little TV, finishing those two chapters, getting to try some Smartfood kettle corn (pretty tasty, but the salt balance was a little off), and getting our Hoover High School alumni t-shirts and sweatshirts.
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