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I'm pretty excited for today. Not only is there going to be a new Danny Phantom (after a month), which Butch Hartman claims is one of the best ones they've made thus far (he seems to say that about a lot of episodes), but! our home teacher is nice enough to drive us to the movie theater so we can see Doogal! Eeeee!!

I've mentioned Doogal before, but in case some people forgot, it's brought to us by Butch Hartman, and on his forums he said, "Let's make it number one at the box office!" and now we get to help! Even though we're going to a twilight showing. We can't splurge too much; we're still very poor. In fact, it might not be a very good idea to even splurge this much, but dang it! I want to see it!

They were talking about it on the Daily Show last night because Jon Stewart is in it, and Roger Ebert was the guest, and Jon Stewart wanted to know if it was a good sign or a bad sign that they didn't let the critics see it. We're a little concerned ourselves, actually, but from what I've seen of it, it looks like it at least won't be a huge waste of time. And I do trust Butch Hartman. Though he never really said whether or not he thinks it's a good movie, so...

Also, Anime Expo has their registration info up. It looks like they've got a pretty neat system worked out this year, though the way I've been forgetting things lately, I'm afraid I might forget to actually bring our badges. But we're pretty good when it comes to AX organization, so hopefully we didn't just jinx that.
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