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Happy Palm Sunday!

Happy Palm Sunday! We almost never pay attention to Palm Sunday, actually. In fact, it's only recently come to our attention that it's even a thing, although of course we know about Jesus riding into Jerusalem and everybody strewing palms on the ground in front of Him. But it was brought to our attention twice today, so I thought I would mention it. We're studying the New Testament in Sunday School this year...I mean, we would be if we attended Sunday School, but we do Singing Time for the kids so we don't go to Sunday School, but we do study at home! But this week we're taking a time out to focus on Easter. It is the most important event in the history of mankind, after all.

Nevertheless, today we mostly did our regular Sunday things, which is to say we watched Story Trek. There was an episode about a woman who was taking care of the grounds for the church where her husband was the reverend, even though he died and a few weeks later the church burned to the ground. But she was the sweetest lady and had so much faith. It didn't upset her when the church burned down because she immediately felt a peace that told her God had something better in store. She said her husband was all about doing things the way Jesus did when He was on the earth, and we were like, "That's what our church is all about!" So we're hoping she's since met some missionaries, and maybe they can build a temple on that property. That episode is several years old now, and we don't know if there's an update on it later... (We'll just keep watching to find out.)

We also watched Kaji 100!, which was just as great as ever. Sadly, the DVDs don't contain the whole series, so we didn't get to see the picture book episode or the bowling episode or the...rice farming episode? We didn't quite catch what it was. They were all, "Last time, we did..." and I think we were too distracted by all the text on the screen. But on the DVD, they had the episodes with Ayumu Murase doing table tennis, and Takahiro Sakurai doing ikebana. ...And I want to talk about them more but I'm also tired and want to go to sleep. So I'm torn. But I think I will save it for tomorrow. Don't let me forget!

I will make a brief mention of the lovely gift we got today. There's an older couple in our ward that keeps bees, and Brother and Sister D who drive us to church every week get free honey from them because they supplied some of the bees (when a bunch of them tried to start a hive at their house). Well, they found out we were interested in local honey and so today they gave us a little jar of it. It's a nice, timely gift, because I feel like my allergies have been acting up lately.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch more Kaji 100!, getting to see a lot more great stories on Story Trek, getting a jar of extremely local honey, finally sitting down and noting recipes in our Harry Potter cookbook that we might want to buy ingredients for and try making, and working out how we're going to get into the Disney Resort with our relatives when we're blocked out all this week.
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