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Ward Easter breakfast

We went to the ward Easter breakfast, and it was pretty okay. Apparently the Primary presidency was in charge of most of the activity, but nobody told us about it, so we didn't have to help hide eggs this time. They got one of the moms in the ward to do a little trail mix activity, I'm guessing to get the Easter Bunny time to get into costume after eating breakfast. Each ingredient was supposed to represent something related to Jesus and Easter. For example, there were goldfish crackers to represent being fishers of men. So that was pretty cool, but most of the ingredients were things we don't like, so we declined when they asked us if we'd each like a bag.

The Easter Bunny still wasn't dressed yet, so we took all the kids into the cultural hall and the second counselor in the Primary presidency lined all the kids up and was about to have a hopping race when the bunny finally showed up. Athena and I went outside to check out the Easter egg situation and then waited a million years for all the parents to take pictures of their kids with the Easter Bunny before they were let loose for the hunt. ...It was actually pretty anticlimactic.

But afterward, Sister D, who was our ride to the breakfast, stuck around while we did our grocery shopping (instead of just dropping us off), so we took further advantage of her kindness and asked for a ride to Target. We wanted to see if they had anything we might want to buy in the way of church clothes, because we could use more of them. We were also keeping an eye out for things we could use as disguises, because we still haven't heard from Sarah about her Disneyland plans, and if she doesn't tell us about them, we're fully intending to go follow them around from a distance, like all the anime characters following their friends on a date. (Part of me hopes she doesn't tell us about it, because tailing them sounds like a lot of fun.)

We did find some super awesome trench coats that would have been the perfect disguises if the forecast for their intended Disneyland date wasn't predicting a high in the upper eighties. In retrospect, we should have bought some for future use anyway, but we also had to pay taxes today, so we were a little reluctant to spend too much money. ...This did not stop us from picking up a copy of The Crimes of Grindelwald, but that was only $15 as opposed to the $50 each for a trench coat. We also picked up some Easter candy, because we love us some Reese's pieces.

And all the while, we had a lovely time hanging out with Sister D. So it turns out we were blessed for going to the Easter breakfast after all. And we got to watch Crimes of Grindelwald tonight, and it made me very happy, despite it's not-so-happy conclusion.

Today I'm thankful for there being food we didn't mind eating at the breakfast, Sister D being kind enough to drive us all over the place, getting to watch Crimes of Grindelwald again, having Reese's pieces to look forward to, and having plans to watch one of our Yuki Kaji DVDs tomorrow.
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