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Another ordinary day

I don't even know what to talk about today. It was mostly just work as usual. We did enjoy working on Sailor Moon, but the section we were on today was super hard. We did finally eat some brownies. They were pretty okay. I'm a little out of it right now because we were just being chatted at on Facebook for a while, and we insisted on staying up late looking for hidden Mickeys in Kingdom Hearts even after our friend from church texted to ask if we wanted to go to the ward Easter breakfast tomorrow morning. The answer was no, but since we're trying to be more social, we told ourselves that if she asked, we would go, no matter how much we want to sleep in. I think we'll be blessed for it, but only if we can have a better attitude about it.

I could talk a little more about our chat with the missionaries yesterday, though.

The main thing I keep looking back actually that we brought up the CES Letter, which is a series of "gotcha questions" that prove the Church can't be true merely because they exist. But it's so stupid, because we read the first...four? Maybe six. And we were able to answer all of them. The first set of questions (the author divided them into categories) focuses on the translation of the Book of Mormon, and most of the questions we read were like, "Oookay, this was obviously written by someone who has absolutely no clue about how foreign languages and translation work." So this morning had me contemplating going to Facebook and saying, "I find myself thinking about the CES Letter and what an intellectually lazy piece of garbage it is," but I didn't because it's pretty inciteful and we actually do have ex members of the Church as Facebook friends.

The other thing I think about is how, when I was trying to be contrary during the Elders' lesson, I wanted to point out the different reports of the First Vision when they got to that part of the story, but I couldn't! Because the Elder who told that part recited the telling from the Pearl of Great Price from memory, which wouldn't impress me in and of itself because I usually see it as a show off move and besides missionaries do it all the time, but the way he recited it was so sincere and so powerful, I just wanted to hear him keep going. This is a kid with a strong testimony who really loves the gospel, and I'm so glad he's serving a mission.

And now we should drag ourselves to bed because we have to drag ourselves out of bed tomorrow morning. We like our ward, but we clearly have a difference of opinion with the activities committee.

Today I'm thankful for coming up with (in our opinion) some pretty good dialogue for Sailor Moon, having Facebook Messenger on my iPad, the app letting me not snub people while at the same time being able to leave the computer and play Kingdom Hearts (or watch Athena play Kingdom Hearts), getting to hear a great testimony from a faithful Elder, and finally getting to eat our brownies.
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