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An evening with the elders

Today was such a good day! We had visitors coming over, so we did a little bit of cleaning, and much as we hate to take time out of our schedule to clean, it always makes things better to have the place clean. So first there was that.

Then, we got a package from our Nanny in Alabama! And we opened it, and it was a pair of super cute amigurumi cats! Aaaaaaaahhh! They're adorable! And we're going to post a picture on Facebook, but tomorrow when we have better lighting. We also have to email her a thank you, but we didn't get to it right away, because by the time we opened the package, it was almost time for our visitors to show up!

And who were our visitors? The missionaries! From the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It would seem that the missionaries in our area are doing a thing right now where they're going to the members' houses to give practice lessons (and, as usual, encourage us to share the gospel more with the people we know). So tonight they taught us about the Restoration--when Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father appeared to Joseph Smith and restored the organization of the church that was used in Christ's day. ...Or They told Joseph that's what his job was going to be. There was a lot that had to be done before that, and we didn't even get to the Book of Mormon.

We were determined to be helpful, so we put on our skeptic faces and were ready to ask questions and nitpick! But we're actually not that well-versed in the Bible--I mean we know a lot of the stories pretty well, but we can't cite verses or anything to say, "Well what about where it says this in the Bible?"

But we did manage to get some things out there, and they handled them very well. For example, one of the main themes of the lesson is that God loves us so He gives us prophets, but another important thing they needed to teach was that we can have our own relationship with God, so I was all, "But if I can have my own relationship with God, why do I need a prophet?" They explained that the prophet is called of God to receive revelation that will affect a lot of people, whereas we need to have personal relationships with God because sometimes we need personalized help.

I also asked how they know that guy is a prophet and not just a crazy person, and one of the elders said, "By their fruits ye shall know them." I was pretty impressed with that one, because it seems obvious, but I didn't think of it. Also, he was so ready with it. So I think we have a pretty good set of missionaries in our ward.

What we did not do was offer the missionaries any brownies. We made some last night and then neglected to eat them, so we had a full tin and everything (although they were a day old). I think the main reason for that, though, is that we were having too much fun talking. We tend to prefer conversation to food, so we're not really likely to interrupt a conversation to eat anything. But the point is, it was a fun night.

Tonight I'm thankful for almost meeting our Sailor Moon quota despite an extra-wordy Edens Zero, the super adorable amigurumi cats that our Nanny sent us, having a lovely time talking with the missionaries, still having brownies to look forward to (someone has to eat them), and having a slightly cleaner apartment.
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