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Changing plans

Our Japan trip is officially postponed. It's a bummer, but it's also kind of a relief. Cecille took the news well. She says that as she's gotten older, she's seen the truth in the "when one door closes, another door opens" thing. We definitely agree with that philosophy, and we know the Lord is looking out for us. So now we're focusing all our anticipation on Anime Expo instead.

In the meantime, we got our package from CD Japan today! Which means we have two new DVDs featuring Yuki Kaji to watch! ...And we don't know when we'll watch them, but probably we'll watch at least one on Sunday.

Other than that, today was a lot less eventful than yesterday, so I don't have much else to say. We're working on Sailor Moon again, and we thought this arc might give us a little less trouble. I think that is the case, but that doesn't mean it's trouble-free. ...It probably would be closer to trouble-free if we didn't insist on doing all this research about mirrors and obscure Germanic goddesses--I mean, not knowing about them doesn't hurt your enjoyment of the story at all. But it would still be nice to find out...or that's our philosophy. Even then, it wouldn't be 100% trouble-free, because all the villains' attacks are wordplay. Arrrrgh. Oh well, we'll just keep on trucking.

Oh! There is sort of some news! They announced the cast for In/Spectre! ...I mean, they announced the voices of Kotoko and Kuro, but is the cast really any bigger than that? I guess Saki is important. Anyway, Kotoko will be played by the actress who voices Mizore in UQ Holder!, and Kuro will be voiced by Mamoru Miyano. He's pretty high on our list lately, so we're happy about it (although of course our first choice was someone else). I think he'll do a good job. I'm also hoping this means he'll sing one of the theme songs.

Today I'm thankful for Cecille being understanding about our having to bow out of the Japan trip, getting our CD Japan package (probably the last one for a while...), finishing our work quota with time to play Kingdom Hearts, finding out the cast for In/Spectre, and getting to work on Sailor Moon today.
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