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Good news and bad news

So we were working as usual, and we were just getting ready to take a break when Mom called. Apparently people had been plotting behind our backs, and she couldn't stand for it anymore, so she called and divulged their secret. See, when we went to Disneyland with the nieces and nephews back in September, they took advantage of the fact that stepsister Kimee is now a cast member to get free admission for some people. Word is, Kimee was super bummed out that she didn't get to spend very much time with the Giants set of nephews and niece, and so Steve and Sarah were arranging for a trip where Athena and I would have much less of an opportunity to distract them from their other aunt.

That's right. We were uninvited from Disneyland because we are literally too awesome.

Of course, while Mom was telling us of her counter-plot (to have us go hang out with the children at the hotel the night before), she got a text from Sarah informing her that we're not entirely uninvited--they just wanted to make sure there was a window of time when Kimee could be the only awesome aunt around. Frankly, if people had called and asked if we were okay with a plan like that, we would have been like, "Heck yeah. We get to sleep and not spend the whole day with toddlers. Why would I say no?" I mean, don't get me wrong, we love the twerps, but Disneyland is wearing enough without having to keep track of energetic small children. And I think our next Sailor Moon translation is due the day they're planning to come, sooo we kind of have a lot of work to do anyway.

Meanwhile, Celeste is also planning to come with her children, because of course if one sister is going to Disneyland it's only fair that the other sister get to go, too. This, too, involves orchestrating plans with Kimee, and so they have decided, without consulting us at all, to go to Disneyland on our birthday. I have kind of mixed feelings about it--on the one hand, Disneyland with people we love on our birthday! On the other...Disneyland with people who may not want to do things our way on our birthday. (But because it's our birthday, we will insist on seeing Farley and doing the Twelve Days of Christmas, because Gilderoy is obsessed with Christmas and we're pretty sure he'll love it. And it will be his last chance, because Farley is retiring.)

Anyway, we celebrate our birthday whenever we want in April and May, so if we have to do our own stuff on a different day, it's really no big deal.

Mom called again later in the day because she finally did our taxes. The news is grim. We made too much money last year, but not enough to have saved up enough to pay the taxes on it. And so we spent our entire evening tearing open Monopoly tickets from the grocery store in the vain hope that we would have won a million dollars and could pay our taxes. Fortunately, we can pay our taxes in installments. Unfortunately, we are so sick of having to pay installments on things. We try to live a debt-free life, and then this happens. Again. This is actually the third year we'll be paying taxes on installments. I think it may be time for us to ask a publisher or two for a raise.

In the meantime, we're not sure how this is going to affect the Japan trip plans we'd had in the works. The trip was getting sort of complicated with various hopes and desires and event schedules conflicting with each other, to the point that we were almost like, "Forget it, I don't want to go that bad." So this might be a good opportunity to bow out. On the other hand, Japan! Tokyo Disney Resort! Sailor Moon attraction at Universal Studios Japan! And most of all, we don't want to let Cecille down. We're going to have to do some serious thinking and praying about this.

But for now, bed. Today I'm thankful for being too awesome for Disneyland, payment plans making sure we don't have to have all our belongings repossessed by the government, finishing our work today, getting to work on Sailor Moon tomorrow, and having sorted through all our Monopoly tickets.
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