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Yup, that's Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket another is proving to be fairly kind to us, which is good because we didn't get the materials as early in the day today as we'd hoped. But that turned out to be good, too, because now we have a whole first draft of Sailor Moon Eternal Edition volume seven. That one, I feel, is not going to be quite so kind.

Speaking of Fruits Basket, though, because the sequel is being kind to us (so grateful), we did have time to watch the first episode of the remake today, and wow, it felt like the same episode. I mean, not really, but really. The music was very different, and the delivery of a lot of the lines was different, and there weren't quite so many sound cues for things (come to think of it, the original Fruits Basket was kind of kabuki-esque in its use of sound effects), but every line of dialogue was pretty much the same. Some of the translations even looked familiar...and since it occurs to us that there are people who got into anime and manga because of Fruits Basket, and we translated that manga, it also occurs to us that the seeds of fandom that led some people to become translators may have been planted by the dialogue we wrote... It's kind of wild.

On the other hand, our Fruits Basket translations went through a rewriter, and of course we can't disregard the likelihood that many of the manga and anime translations were the same, so just because something looks like maybe we had used it more than 15 years ago (which is long enough for a fan to have grown up on our translations--we might have helped raise a generation of fans! that has now grown up and is translating themselves!) doesn't mean we really had anything to do with it, regardless of what I might be saying inside parentheses.

Anyway. I like that Yuki is played by a guy now, and I'm remembering how much I like Yuichi Nakamura, so that's nice. Other than that, our viewing experience mostly reminded us just how many times we had already seen the first episode of Fruits Basket. And that the first episode, despite the surprise ending, was not really what had us interested in the series. So maybe we'll be more excited about it when Momiji shows up. Frankly, right now I'm just impatient to find out who will be playing him after he hits his growth spurt. I know of a certain beloved favorite voice actor of ours who has been known to play adorable characters that are associated with rabbits. (He also seems to frequently be cast as super important characters that aren't actually in the series very much, so we also wouldn't be surprised if he shows up playing Katsuya. Or he may not end up being in it at all.)

And tomorrow is the first day of General Conference! So we should get to sleep.

Today I'm thankful for Fruits Basket another being kind to us, finishing a first draft of Sailor Moon, getting to see the first episode of the new Fruits Basket anime, getting to see the end of the Series of Unfortunate Events, and Page seemingly feeling better after spending all day curled up and slightly listless.
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