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It's been really hard to get any momentum this week. Monday was great, but our momentum has been interrupted on Tuesday by a simulpub, on Wednesday by a longer simulpub, and today by me going out ministering. The ministering was pretty fun, and while I was out, Athena got her loom out again, so that was pretty nice. But the fact remains that this Fire Force translation is taking much longer than we normally would have liked. ...That didn't prevent us from basically giving up on the whole business at about three-thirty.

We do think we might be okay anyway, though, because! yesterday we got an email from our anime project manager, and since they don't have a lot of anime this spring, we are off the hook for the season. Not that we ever thought of it as being "on the hook" (we really like translating anime), but it does give us an extra workday every week for the next three months, and that should give us some wiggle room. And that's why we didn't push ourselves to get more work done on Fire Force today. Well, that, and the need to stop pushing ourselves for a while. Well, that and that, and our plans to go to Target.

We needed to go to Target to get food for the stray cats, but we also wanted to go to target to see if we could find an acceptable new wand toy for Page after she methodically destroyed her old one (the jury's still out on the acceptability level of the new one), and we needed to get some chocolate. We have been needing chocolate very badly since we started using that chocolate soap, and now...well, we bought cocoa powder at the grocery store last Saturday, but now we have a nice sauce pan to make drinking chocolate in. And we also bought a Ghirardelli brownie mix, which was perfect because we have exactly one egg left and the mix calls for exactly one egg.

And while we were there, we got so distracted by all the plushies that were covered in reversible sequins! Oh my goodness, I would be so annoyed at their ubiquity if I didn't love reversible sequins so much. They even had plushies that had an odd sort of reversible sequin-covered shell, and you could flip the shell and turn it into a different animal! It was reversible in more ways than one! This is getting to be a little much, I think. Also, there were a lot of plush narwhals.

We didn't buy any of them, though, because today has been a day of, "Oh, let's just splurge! But now we're spending too much money! Stop stop STOP!" See, lyschan reminded us that the latest volume of Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki is out, and that there's a limited edition with a booklet. So we went to order it from Kinokuniya, but they were out. So we went to CD Japan, and they had it, but of course with CD Japan you have to add non-books to the order to justify shipping without increasing the shipping cost too much. So we ordered two DVDs and import DVDs are not cheap. But one was Kaji 100!, and the other was something called AD-Live, which is this thing where they get voice actors and give them a story and they have to ad-lib the whole play. Only this one was especially brutal because they only had characters and the ending. And of course, this is also the one with Yuki Kaji, so we had to get it.

Today I'm thankful for having chocolaty goodness to look forward to, at least making a little progress on Fire Force, reminders to get special edition manga before it sells out, having a great time at Target, and getting to look forward to new Yuki Kaji DVDs.
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