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Rainy day at the office

Oh man, we just spent an hour and a half writing up our thoughts on the most recent volume of Noragami. It's so good, you guys!

Today we were working on a first draft of Missions of Love, and since we had a hard copy (meaning we only needed one computer screen) and Missions usually goes pretty quick, we decided it was a good day to go to Disneyland Office. The weather decided it was a good day to rain. It's funny, too, because the forecast had been predicting rain for Wednesday/Thursday for a while, but then things got all weird on Monday and Tuesday and the forecast changes and said nah, we're not gonna have rain after all. And then just before we got ready to go this morning, it started raining.

Well, that's okay, we said to ourselves, it's probably not supposed to rain much, and we can stay inside! What we didn't take into account was the fact that it's spring break season, which means the park is crowded. And rain plus crowds equals not a lot of free tables. It wasn't so bad at first, because we got there before people had wandered over to the Bengal Barbecue, so there were a lot of free tables.

The problem was, Missions was just so intense that we ended up translating two chapters before getting up for lunch...during the lunch rush. We went to Red Rose Taverne, and after we got our food, it was basically a matter of wandering back and forth, back and forth through the restaurant until somebody finished and left. Never have I felt a stronger disdain for people who sit around staring at their phones. But I had to suppress it quickly, because I knew full well that we brought a computer for the express purpose of taking up space at a table and working.

Finally, we decided we were just going to have to go outside and find a sheltered place somewhere along Big Thunder Trail, but just as we got outside, a family motioned to us that they were leaving their umbrellaed table. We were profusely grateful and managed to eat our food without it getting soggy. We even got to share the wealth, because there were only two of us, so when a family came by with some snacks they'd bought, there was room for them to sit with us. I didn't think we were being especially entertaining, but they acted sad to see us go (we knew more of them were coming, so when we finished eating, we wanted to make room for them). And that helped us feel special.

We went back to the Bengal Barbecue to resume work, because the Bengal Barbecue is more of a quick snack food place, not so much of a sit-down-and-eat-a-whole-meal place, and I had a lot less sympathy for people who were looking for a sheltered place to eat their Dole whips. And we kept an eye on things in case the place filled up and it looked like there was someone who legitimately needed a place to sit.

After we finished work, we checked in with Farley again and then we came home. We watched some Ace Attorney, wrote a Noragami review, and now here we are.

Today I'm thankful for another lovely day at Disneyland Office, the rain not being too persistent (it let up soon after lunch), having more fun with Farley and other friends, finally getting back to Ace Attorney, and the family that let us have their table at Red Rose Taverne.
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