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Today we had an adventure! It was a reluctant one, but it turned out to be okay in the end. As I mentioned yesterday, Athena got called in for jury duty. She needed to be there at eight in the morning, and the bus ride was approximately 40 minutes, so to make sure she got there on time, she needed to leave by seven. We are not morning people, so this was a trial. I went, too, for moral support.

But the trip went very smoothly. The bus pulled up right as we were getting to the bus stop, and it was impossible to miss our stop, because it was the last one. Then we just had to go in to the Very Imposing Courthouse. I mean, courthouses are always pretty imposing, right? This one seemed to have been built in the '60s or '70s, because it didn't have that fancy classical architecture, just a bunch of concrete. We got there before the jury room opened up, so we were able to find a handy bench to sit on, which was good, because that meant I had somewhere to wait.

Then the jury room opened up, Athena went inside, and after that it was pretty much just waiting. I mean, apparently there's some kind of orientation presentation thingie where the courthouse people explain all the rules, and a judge comes in and gives a motivational speech about why it's important to go to jury duty, which on the one hand is great, but on the other hand is like, "But these are all the people who already decided not to get out of it."

The scary thing was that there was a big trial that was going to take thirteen whole days! Our schedule being what it is, that is Not an ideal situation. But! the courthouse people are very understanding, so they were up front and said that if you are self-employed or otherwise not compensated for days on jury duty, you're not qualified. Of course, if they didn't manage to find suitable jurors from the people who were qualified, they might have had to choose from that pool anyway, but that turned out not to be a problem. They filled that jury fairly quickly, and then they just waited to see if any of the other cases would be ready to find jurors. By noon they determined that they wouldn't be ready before the end of the day, so we all got to go home!

In the meantime, I sat out in the hall, where people who were on trial would consult with lawyers, so I got to hear snippets of conversations like, "The DA isn't going to treat it as a felony, so if you plead guilty..." And there was one lawyer with quite the potty mouth.

To pass the time, we both read books. Athena had brought a copy of The Histories by Herodotus. We're trying to culture ourselves. So far what she's learned is that Croesus made a lot of bad decisions. I didn't think to bring a book, but I had my iPad, which was still loaded with a couple of C.S. Lewis books that I had yet to read. So I passed the time by reading The Great Divorce from start to finish. Kind of a fascinating take on the afterlife. I also think it's great that C.S. Lewis seems to have really nailed the personality of self-proclaimed smart people.

The Great Divorce is pretty short, though, so I also read the preface to Mere Christianity, which I also thought was great. I love his explanation about words losing their usefulness, because basically he says it happens when we assign goodness or badness to words that are supposed to be mere statements of fact.

Then we came home, translated a chapter of Edens Zero, finally finished our very rambling review of Sailor Moon volume 6, and then just relaxed. So even though it started out pretty nerve-wracking, today has turned out to be a pretty great day. We opened our new No Make No Life box and it had blue mascara in it. We don't wear makeup at all ever, but the idea of blue mascara is a lot of fun.

Today I'm thankful for making it safely to and from the courthouse, Athena not getting picked for a trial, getting to read some great literature, not having much work to do today, and Page helping us relax by refusing to get off my lap so we had to watch another episode of TV.
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