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Making progress

The good news is, we finished the edit we've been working on. I was so worried that it was going to take all night, but fortunately today's section of script wasn't quite as difficult as yesterday's. We still need to read over it one more time before we turn it in, but that series has a habit of driving us up the wall, so we're glad the hard part is over.

Unfortunately, we still have another book due on Monday and we haven't finished the first draft yet. And this volume is not being kind as far as text density. It doesn't seem like it will be super hard to edit, though, so we haven't given up hope in the possibility of finishing it before Monday is out. That would be the best, because there's a good chance Gaston will be wanting to go to Disneyland on Tuesday...and even if he doesn't, it could be a nice day to take Missions of Love to the Disneyland Office. But I think that may be thinking too far into the future. For now, the main focus is on sleep (we both almost slept through our alarm this morning, which is especially surprising because this week we've been waking up to Meliodas's song from Seven Deadly Sins, and it starts with two very intense banjo chords), grocery shopping, and getting as much work done as we can tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that difficult edit, making more progress on our other first draft, having just a little bit of time to watch TV, it being Friday so we could stay up to watch a little more TV, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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