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Why didn't I see it before?

So we were watching Sugar Sugar Rune yesterday, and it occurred to me. One of the mysteries of the Japanese language (to us) was that "momo-iro" (peach color) referred to pink, when most peaches are most certainly not pink. Maybe a pinkish orange, but not pink. We just chalked it up to differences in perception, like how "aoi" can mean blue or green, until yesterday. In Sugar Sugar Rune, they were talking about peach blossoms. And they were pink! Duh! Why didn't I see it before? Obviously momo-iro would refer to the color of the flowers! Nobody cares what color the fruit is!

One mystery solved.

Today I'm thankful for getting bills paid, getting stuff sent to work, white cheddar popcorn, shiny new ball-point pens with rubber grip, and the hope of one day being able to remember all the things I need before I set out.
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