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Fire Force cast announcements

Sooo we ended up not taking the evening off for our "call Mom" time after all. But! we didn't work all night, either. At about eight, we had met our minimum work quota, and decided our brains were just a little too fuzzy to keep we watched our simulcast episode that we'll be translating tomorrow, and then we watched The Morose Mononokean.

In the meantime, the Fire Force announcements are killing us with suspense! ...I mean, we already know the main cast, and they're all really good, but we're really eager to find out who's going to play Vulcan. Of course, we realized the possibility that they might not animate far enough to get to Vulcan, but we can still hope! ...But then they made this week's cast announcement and we don't even know what's what anymore.

Of course they announced Shinra first, and he's the main character, so duh. Then they announced Arthur, so we figured okay, they must be announcing characters in the order they appear on the manga covers. That held true up through volume six, at which point they ran out of members of Company 8. Still, manga covers seemed like a good way to go...but then the next week they announced Joker! What! But Tamaki was on the next manga cover!

Well, that still makes sense, because Joker is clearly an important character from the minute he shows up. Maybe now they're going in order of appearance. Sure enough, next they announced Viktor (who, by the way, Anime News Network reported as "Victor," thus making us sad that the reporters couldn't check the official manga spellings, boo), and then Tamaki. After Tamaki, all bets were off, because she shows up at the Rookie Games, and a bunch of characters showed up.

Next was Captain Burns...okay, yeah, he shows up at the Rookie Games, too. We don't really remember, but we think he actually appeared before Tamaki, but maybe Tamaki actually spoke first? Eh, who cares. Now we know who plays both of them.

But now there's really no telling who could be next. We figured it was either going to be Captain Hibana or Juggernaut. And then are they going to announce the other Company 5 characters, and the other Company 1 characters, and of course they're going to announce the Company 7 Captain at least because we have reason to believe he'll be played by Mamoru Miyano, and how long is it going to take to get to Vulcan!?

And that brings us to today. They announced Rekka, of all characters. The dude is in it for like two volumes at the most. He does have a big presence, though. But the point is, there are a bunch of important characters that show up before he does! So what is going on with this announcement order!? Did they get to Tamaki and decide to announce all the Company 1 voice actors? Does this mean they're going to skip over the raid on Company 5!? Does this mean Vulcan's not gonna be in the anime (unless it's popular enough to get more seasons)!?

Well, thinking about it logically, since each cast announcement comes with a week-long campaign to get Twitter followers to retweet (i.e. provide free publicity) all for the chance of winning an autograph from the announced voice actor, it makes sense that the real MO for the announcements, now that they've announced all the core characters, they'll just want to skip around to the ones played by famous voice actors. Rekka is played by the wildly famous Tomokazu Seki, after all. That being the case...maybe that means they didn't cast Maaya Sakamoto as Hibana. (I only picked her for my own casting because she's Merlin in The Seven Deadly Sins and is also in Soul Eater, and married to the voice of Lieutenant Hinawa. That doesn't mean there aren't other great choices.)

But the point is, if our dream casting becomes (or became) real casting for Vulcan, maybe they'll skip ahead to him (after they announce Captain Shinmon). It's getting harder and harder to wait for Tuesdays.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota, getting to watch some anime, the excitement of new Fire Force casting announcements, this week's simulcast having a lot of dramatic silence and a dialogue-less montage, and having an extra hour of sunlight.
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