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Change of plans

Our original plan for tonight was to beat Kingdom Hearts, but our slow progress on Noragami told us that that would have been a bad idea. So we worked on Noragami instead, which was okay, because we do love Noragami so, and it's nice to be immersed in it. I mean, it's not always so nice when, for example, Tenjin says something that's so simple in Japanese but for some reason impossible to recreate in English. Oh, but the story is so good. All of these characters...

Anyway. Looking ahead, we're thinking we're going to have to work on Saturdays for at least a couple of weekends. We're still hoping to not have to give up on sleep. We don't know if that's going to be a thing, but we're telling ourselves we're not there yet. In fact, we're almost done with Noragami, so it would almost be a sure bet that we won't have to start giving up sleep, but! we actually have an even more time-consuming series coming up next. At least it generally has fewer pages.

And we have plans tomorrow, so we'd better get to sleep. Today I'm thankful for getting to spend the day with Noragami characters (except when we had to take time out to go grocery shopping), getting to see our friend at the grocery store, Page really liking her new cat bed (but it's super cold today, so she's in her heated one now), Hershey's with Reese's Pieces being on sale, and sort of getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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