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Who cast Slow?

Oh boy, today has been a day. This volume of Noragami is destroying us, and I'm not even really sure why. I felt like today was pretty normal as far as tricky dialogue and research, and I don't think there was too much of the "but it has to be perfect!!!!" variety of second-guessing. And yet, we're still just a little more than halfway through the edit. Part of it comes from working on our weekly simulpub, though, so that explains it a little bit. Maybe the other part is that Noragami research is Noragami research.

It wouldn't be so bad if our post-Noragami schedule wasn't so scary. And we just added two more books to it! Woohoo! And I know what you're thinking: You need to learn to say no to these things! And you're right! But it's so much more nuanced than that. ...I think a big part of it is overoptimism about translations not taking too long. But at least we are learning to say there's a chance we'll need to ask for more time. Another part of it is that our editor says, "By the way, series X is coming up!" and we're like, "Series X? I love Series X! We'll get it for you right away!" ...Then we finally get to it, translate the first draft, go, "Okay, that was fun. Back to sleep and video games, right?" But there is no time for sleep or video games, because you keep saying yes to all these things! You can't just turn in your first draft! You have to edit it!

...Although when there's a rewriter involved, the idea gets more and more tempting.

Oh well. We did decide that, in the interest of not burning ourselves out, instead of working all the way until bedtime, we'd take the 20 minutes we had left and watch an episode of anime, and that was nice.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on the super awesome Noragami (it may be taking an astonishing amount of time, but it sure is a great series), getting to watch an episode of anime, this week's simulpub chapter being nice and easy to translate, getting to listen to our Tokyo DisneySea album, and getting to go to sleep.
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