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You always hurt the ones you love

Well, today was another day of all work. It's Noragami, which makes it simultaneously better and much worse. It's better, because Noragami is the best and we love it to bits, but it's worse because as if Noragami weren't hard enough on its own, our love for it makes it that much harder because we're constantly second-guessing ourselves. I think I've already whined about this, though, and of course it seems like a simple solution--just get over it! But there's always something that's like, "Now is that really the best way to get that nuance?"

And then there are the things that are legitimately super hard, like using archaic words that sometimes have double meanings and stuff. And there was this one pun that was a really brilliant pun in Japanese, but in English, we're like, "..." We think we managed to work it out, but it's not our ideal solution. On the bright side, we ended tonight with something that Athena came up with that I think sounds pretty great and gets all the right meanings and nuance. Koto can be super helpful like that. Sometimes I wonder if we resonate with him too much.

It is a little scary that we're only a quarter of the way through the script, and we have two other time-consuming titles on the way. But we were also 99% sure Gaston would call and we'd be at Disneyland again today, so we're ahead of the game in that sense! (And now I'm worried that I jinxed it and he's going to be calling tomorrow or something, despite it being off his routine. It's okay; he can call next week and it will be just as devastating.)

Speaking of Gaston, somehow he found out about a Japan festival thing they're having in our town this spring and sent us a Facebook invitation. We're like, "...How did you know about this before us?" But we didn't want to ask, because we do not have time to talk on the phone. Anyway, the really ironic thing about it is it's going to happen on a weekend when we're pretty sure we're going to be actually in Japan. And if we weren't planning to go to Japan, we would be going up to see family for Memorial Day, so we can't go either way. Kind of a shame, but so far the only attractions seem to be food, never an attraction for us. Unless it's chocolate.

Today I'm thankful for making it through the first chapter of Noragami (we do still have one or two tweaks and up to three translation notes to write, though), plans coming together for our Japan trip, the beautiful weather we had most of the day, getting to take a break at dinnertime and watch some TV, and getting to see ducklings at Disneyland yesterday.
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