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Sadly, we didn't get to watch Muppet Treasure Island yesterday. We spent like an hour trying to get the tape to work. We could have watched it, if we didn't mind it snowing the whole time, but, in our attempts to get it to work, we watched the opening about three times, and with all the static it was really hard to get into the movie. And so, alas, we are Muppet-Treasure-Island-less. Just another thing to add to the Long List of DVDs to Buy When We Have the Money, which actually isn't nearly as long as the CD version.

And now we're trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. We turned in the translation we just finished, but it's President's Day, so it's looking like we won't hear back from our boss until tomorrow. That means we don't have a definite assignment for what to do next. We're pretty sure we know what's next, and we could go ahead and work on that, but this short break between work might be a good opportunity to work on Saiyuki.

That's actually what we were planning on doing, but there are a few reasons why we might not want to. The main one is that we want to pay taxes (or perhaps the debt incurred from paying taxes), and then try to make sure we have enough money for AX. This means we have to get as much paid work done by the end of March as we possibly can. And that means that, one, starting on the next thing sooner will give us that much more time to work on more stuff, and two, if we do work on Saiyuki, we'd want to get it done fast, and then quickly move on to the next thing.

The problem with that second one is that Saiyuki is one of our favorites, and so we'd like to be able to stay in the "Saiyuki mode" for a long time, instead of changing gears immediately after we finish. It sounds kind of crazy, but to us, it's a legitimate concern. Of course, it could be argued that we could just read it again, but we don't have Gaiden 1 or non-Reload 2 through 9. Maybe we should just watch the anime.

But there's no time!!

So anyway, in order to have more time to obsess over Saiyuki at our leisure, it might be better to turn in a ton of paid translations, and then get to it when things have slowed down a bit. But we might have to just ignore that factor, because once we sign a work order for Reload 6, it may well be illegal for us to send a translation of it to anyone else, and we're pretty sure there's at least one person out there who would appreciate one.

Maybe what we'll do is, once we've finished Final Fantasy VIII, use our leisure time after Wheel of Fortune (or whatever prime time TV show we watch) to translate Saiyuki. That seems very logical, now that Athena's mentioned it. We'll see what happens. And in the meantime, I guess we'll get back to Survive 29 for now.

Today I'm thankful for Rakugo Tennyo Oyui, having a ride to the bank, being able to pay a few bills, national holidays, and the heater being on.
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