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Back to the Disneyland Office

Today we had a chance to take Noragami to Disneyland, and we took it! There's a good chance the next volume of Noragami will come out over the summer when we're blocked out, so even though being super swamped has us reluctant to make the extra effort to go to Disneyland, it's Noragami, and of all the manga that deserves to go to the Disneyland office, Noragami is number one on the list. So off we went! And it turned out to be a pretty good day overall, so I'm glad we did.

We had a good time talking to Farley as usual, and since we didn't have Gaston there to criticize our decision to go to the Jolly Holiday, we tried one of the treats that caught our attention when they listed the special Mickey Mouse themed treats for their celebrate Mickey theme or whatever it is this year (you can tell my apathy for Disney is growing...). And the reason Gaston criticizes our choice to go to thee Jolly Holiday is that the food there is, without fail, vaguely disappointing.

This time was no exception. But I mean come on, it was a little dome of chocolate mousse with chocolate disks to make it look like a Mickey Mouse ear hat! How can you go wrong with with chocolate mousse? We should have known how, because they've been doing it for at least a year now, and it's to mix the chocolate with something decidedly Not chocolate. It seems that they've somehow gotten the wild idea into their heads that there is such a thing as "too much chocolate." So they always mix something with it that we can only identify as something resembling cream cheese. We don't know if it's actually cream cheese, but it has a tartness to it that is definitely not native to chocolate. (Maybe there's some chocolate that's naturally tart, but we don't think Disneyland gets single-source chocolate, so...) And I don't know why we ever expect their chocolate to just taste like chocolate anymore, because it never does (except for the chocolate danishes at Maurice's Treats, but I'm pretty sure those are, like, Costco chocolate danishes or something repurposed for Disneyland).

And so, as usual, and as vaguely expected, the dessert was vaguely disappointing. Is this going to stop us from going back to try the peanut and chocolate trifle? Even though the peanut and chocolate trifle is almost guaranteed to have something resembling cream cheese? (I mean, maybe it won't, because the peanuts will already be counteracting the chocolate "overdose," but this is the ever vaguely disappoint Jolly Holiday, so...) It probably will not. But it really all depends on timing.

After that, it looked like we had just enough time to catch a show of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and then watch the flag retreat ceremony before heading home. So we went to the Opera House...and discovered that it had been entirely hijacked by a sneak peek of the new "live action" Dumbo movie. This was more than vaguely disappointing; it was almost infuriating. So we left without watching their sneak peek, and instead went to look around in the stores...where we discovered that Chip and Dale have indeed fallen victim to the makeovers they gave to the rest of Mickey & Pals, and now I was even angrier. ...But I think I'm at a point where the anger doesn't affect me as much. Instead of wanting to rant and rave and scream, it's just this low simmering anger.

We managed to quell it by going to the Main Street theater to watch classic Mickey Mouse cartoons, and that helped us feel better because the classics are classics for a reason, and also because it was warm in there. And then we got to watch the flag retreat, and that really helped me feel better, because I love me some John Philip Sousa (the piccolo player seemed new and nervous; it was cute). And I do love America, and I love to honor the people who have fought for the freedoms that I enjoy. So it was really nice.

Today I'm thankful for having a good day at the Disneyland Office, getting to read more Noragami (this series is so good, you guys!), having a lovely conversation with Mom on the phone, getting some Gummi exploration in at the same time, and getting to try the vaguely disappointing Mickey Mousse Hat Ears.
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