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Rainy Saturday

Semi-busy day today. We got to go help with the music at the baptism for a little girl whose family is new in our ward, and I think it was one of the best baptisms we've been to in a long time, because the talks seemed to actually be geared toward children of baptism age, which is especially good for us, because that's approximately where our attention spans are at, generally.

I especially liked how the little girl's grandma explained the baptismal covenant with the story of the "three bears." First, we covenant to "bear His name," because we're taking on the name of Jesus Christ. Second, we covenant to "bear testimony," or, to put it more scriptorally, to "stand as a witness of God at all times, and in all things, and in all places that we may be in." And finally, we covenant to "bear one another's burdens." It was just such a neat way to explain it, and of course each one came with a real-life little teddy bear. I'm a little jealous.

After the baptism, we came home and did a little tiny bit of work, and took care of a few odds and ends. We watched an episode of anime. But most importantly, we played Kingdom Hearts. We knew we were getting close to the end, so we weren't sure if we wanted to go there, but we decided if we didn't do it today, we'd have to wait a whole other week at least, and we didn't want to do that, either. But alas, true to Square-Enix form, the road to the final battle was a long one, and now here we are with (as far as we know) just the (probably multi-tiered) final boss battle to go, but it's bed time and we have church tomorrow, so we decided to be responsible and turn it off. With our current workload, we need to make sure to get plenty of rest on the weekends, and depriving ourselves of sleep is counter to that end. So here we are.

So let's talk a little about what happened. Since there's a good chance we won't get back to the game for another week, I probably have plenty of time to report on what all we went through today, which is good, because there was a whole heck of a lot of it. So I'll just talk about a little bit of it today, and we'll see how many segments this ends up being.

First, we went back to the Keyblade Graveyard, where everybody was all geared up for the final showdown again. And this part was really weird, because it started the exact same way as the first time we started a big scene at the Keyblade Graveyard, to the point where I was like, "Did they decided to back it up a little because we saved it and turned it off last night?" It was exactly the same. Terra was standing there, Ventus and Aqua were like, "Terra, is that you?", Aqua was like, "Wait a minute, no it's not." etc.

Then Terra Xehanort moved in to attack, and this is where things started changing up. I thought, "Oh, Sora's been through this before, so he's going to stop Terra Xehanort from killing everybody!" And sure enough, instead of knocking Ventus across the canyon, we see that Terra Xehanort has been blocked! By Terra! ...Wait, what? It was Terra in his armor! Or actually, it was the character known as "Lingering Will," or, as we prefer to call him, Scary Boss Guy. I will never forget when we spent three entire days doing almost nothing but repeat that battle in an effort to finally win it...

So Scary Boss Guy gets Terra Xehanort out of the way just in time for all the Heartless to start swarming, but now everybody is still conscious, so they can all fight and there's a lot less trauma. Except there's still approximately an infinitillion Heartless, and that's a little too many, even for seven Keyblade wielders and Donald and Goofy. So they all swarm together is a massive hurricane (I was going to say tornado, but it was way too big in diameter to call it that) of Heartless, and Sora's like, "Don't worry guys, I got this." So he runs into the hurricane, and a spot of it starts glowing, and it's like he's going into this big ball of light all of a sudden, and we're like, "Uh...Heartless aren't supposed to do that."

But Sora's like, "Hey, cool," and he's flying into this ball of light, and there's Ephemera! And I insist on calling him Ephemera, even though the English version insists that boy names Do Not end in A, but anywhere, there he is, and he says, "I'll help you." And I was like, "I wonder how many people playing KH3 have absolutely no idea who this kid is." Ephemera is a character from Kingdom Hearts Chi, who decided he didn't care about Union boundaries (when you play Chi, they make you choose a union to belong to), and he was going to go around befriending all the Keyblade wielders (and since it's a mobile app, there's a bajillion of them). He had some other important stuff to do, but a lot of it is still shrouded in mystery.

But the point is, he calls on all the Keyblade wielders from the past (meaning all the ones from Chi), and this gigantic wave of Keyblades comes along and heads straight for the Heartless Hurricane! And Sora hops on one of them (one that happens to look exactly like the Keyblade you get when you start out playing Chi), and take control of all of them to fight the Heartless, because Sora's main power is to connect all the hearts. And this part was hard, because on the one hand, you have this awesome visual of Sora hurling Keyblades at the Heartless, but on the other hand, you have a list of all the Keyblade wielders who are helping you out, and I was really eager to see if Yuki Kaji would help us out again like he did in Final Fantasy Type-0, so I was trying to read all the names, but if you want the Heartless to not kill you, you have to really mash the button to throw Keyblades, and once you push the button, you've used that wielder's Keyblade and they're off the list. It was tough.

So we all fought off the Heartless Hurricane, but we were still surrounded, and meanwhile Xehanort was off with his cronies waiting for us to fight them... You know, in retrospect, it doesn't make sense. Xehanort's whole thing is he needs the Keyblade wielders of the light to come fight him so he can complete his Kingdom Hearts door or whatever, so he stalls for time by sending all these Heartless? Why? So he can wait longer? I don't get it.

Oh wait, I think I remember. It was to test...either Sora and Friends or Evil Riku. They gave a reason, but there was a big fight, we don't remember. The point is, Aqua's like, "This is getting us nowhere, I'll cut a path and you guys can go on ahead." And Ventus is like, "It's too dangerous to stay here alone. I'll stay with you," and Kairi the Sensible One is like, "It's not exactly safe for two people, either," and Axel's like, "Yeah, now is not a great time to split up." So they don't know what to do, but a giant light comes from the sky and lands right in the middle of them!

It's Yen Sid! I think Yen Sid explained why he couldn't really fight, but I don't remember. But right now he sees they need help, and he can at least stick around long enough to part the sea of Heartless and let the Keyblade wielders get through. And Donald and Goofy stay with him, because they're like, "We don't have Keyblades, so we'll be useless anyway." And so off they all go!

They arrive at the Crossroads, dun dun DUN! The same crossroads where the big battle started in Birth by Sleep. The seven Keyblade Wielders walk forward to be greeted by Xehanort and twelve hooded figures. Xehanort says something about restarting the Keyblade wars, and then he makes the ground rise into a big earthen temple sort of thing (very shonen manga), and now all the Keyblade wielders split up to fight members of the new Organization XIII! Dun dun DUN! And Sora gets to choose who he goes to help! On the one hand, there's Mickey fighting Xemnas, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene, but on the other, there's Riku fighting Xigbar, Dark Riku, and Ansem Seeker of Darkness! Oh no! They're in trouble!

First, I'll just explain what happens when you help Mickey (we actually helped Riku first), because that should go pretty quick. Xemnas zaps some power into Luxord and then flies off, and Luxord's all, "Cool, let's play a game." He tries to trap Sora in a card, but Mickey whacks it out of the way! ...And then gets sucked inside it himself! Anyway, you fight Luxord, Larxene, and Marluxia all at once, and when you beat each of them, there's a brief scene. I thought it was extremely polite of all the other boss characters to stop the battle and wait for their allies' parting scenes to be over. Luxord says he always liked playing games with Sora, and Sora's like, "Next time, I'll play you when you're human."

When Larxene dies, she kind of freaks out, and Sora's all, "It's okay. You're just going back to being human." And she goes, "Yeah, but I really hate losing to you." And Sora's all, "So why do you keep fighting us anyway?" and she's all, "I'm just doing whatever he's doing" (we assume he, because there's one person Larxene has always associated with, and that person is male). I wish we could have translated that better to indicate that she's basically following her crush around, but it's late and we've worked enough this week. We were kind of like, "...I'm not sure he'll reciprocate your feelings..." Because we're pretty sure it's Marluxia. He might not be gay, though. He might just be a guy who likes feminine things.

When Marluxia dies...he says...he remembered something...that he wanted to do, I think? He gives no hint about what it is, but guess what! He's a character in Union Cross! (Or Kingdom Hearts Chi. Why does that thing have so many gazillion different names?) And he thanks Sora, and he disappears.

And that's all for now, because we want to go to bed. Today I'm thankful for getting to go to a lovely baptism, getting to have strawberry cupcakes, having time to make it to a decent stopping point in Kingdom Hearts, finally succeeding in making the special blood orange dish, and getting to try Hershey's & Reese's Pieces (it's like a Mr. Goodbar, only also with Reese's Pieces).
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