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The problem with work work working all the time is there's not much else to talk about. Today was tough, but we managed to cross another book of the to-do list, so it all ended well. We still have to write a review, though, so now we're two reviews behind. Page has been reaching up and clawing us from time to time all day. I don't know if she's like, "Hey, you remember when you used to do this all-working-all-the-time thing before? And it was awful? Maybe you should, like, not do that."

But! we did have enough time to do a little catching up on the Ace Attorney anime, so that was nice. Of course we thought about playing Kingdom Hearts instead, but we're at a good take-a-break point right now, and we're not sure if that would have been the case if we'd play at all today, and we're not sure what our Kingdom Hearts availability is going to be in the coming weeks. Of course, if the Crunchyroll app had been down again, we probably would have picked up Kingdom Hearts and gone side-questing anyway.

And I just remembered that there was something I wanted to mention! Today we read a blog post about a writer who's been having a hard time getting artists to, like, art or whatever. Okay, so just the one artist, but the problem appeared to be that the artist was super swamped and didn't have time to accept the project, but didn't want to say no for whatever reason, so instead of being straight with the writer, the artist hemmed and hawed and the writer was left hanging with no information and still in need of art. So the writer went to somebody else who was more communicative, and the moral of the story is, people with job offers are a lot happier if you just say no up front than if you string them along because you don't want to say no.

And the moral of the story for us is that it's okay to tell our publishers that we're really to busy to do that thing. On the other hand, our problem is that usually what happens is, a publisher comes along and says, "Okay, here's the next thing in this series you're already hired for. When do you think you can finish it by?" and we say look at our calendar and find a reasonable date, and that's what we all go with. Then another publisher comes along and says, "Are you still okay for this specific date, which is actually a little later than the one we already discussed?" and we look at our calendar and it doesn't look like a problem at all (it's later, after all!), so we say sure and now we're locked in because they asked if we were still okay. And then another thing comes along from an ongoing series, only this time the big wigs want it asfastashumanlypossible, which would be fine, except that as fast as humanly possible is not fast enough to finish it on time and still have time to get the other things done by the agreed-on times. And so we end up in this nightmare scenario. But I think we can do it! On the bright side, we really like most of the things that are filling up our schedule. And we were able to do some negotiating on not one, but two of the latest things that have popped up!

And now we better get some sleep. Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota, having time to watch anime, getting to negotiate on a couple of deadlines, getting to hear Yuki Kaji even though his character wasn't really in the two episodes we watched, and the Thin Mints that helped boost blood sugar and morale this afternoon.
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