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Well, we have about four weeks' worth of work to do in the next three weeks, so we may have to significantly cut back on the Kingdom Hearts for a while. Of course, there's always the hope that we're overestimating how much time these assignments are going to take, and for the most part, we did try to keep our estimates on the scarier side, but we must be prepared for the worst. In the meantime, we keep getting little side jobs that pop up, and they're the type of thing that shouldn't take more than a few minutes, but us being us, we always end up researching the heck out of them. ...No, actually, I think we could do a lot more research on them, but we do as much research as we feel is necessary, which also feels excessive somehow.

I haven't reported on our Harry Potter crates yet! This time the theme was travel, which we were pretty excited about, because we're planning to (hopefully) travel this year. So what did we get? First, we got t-shirts! As usual! And I love them, because the back has a logo for...okay, I don't actually remember (I could check, but my shirt is all the way in the other room), but it's one of the wizarding world governmental agencies. Based on the recentest movie, I would say the Ministry of Magic? It's got a really pretty M on it, which could stand for Ministry or MACUSA or maybe even the French word for Ministry (I think, not knowing what the word is). The pretty M is on the back, and on the front, there's a nametag right in the place where you'd wear a nametag, and it says "visitor" on it, and I love it.

We also got eyemasks that are designed to look like Luna Lovegood's Spectre Specs. We don't like to block out all the light when we sleep, so we probably won't use them for travel, but oh my goodness, there are so many Primary activity suggestions that involve blindfolds, and all the blindfolds we've had previously have been the crudest makeshift blindfolds. So now if we ever decide to do any of those activities, we finally have decent blindfolds!

As the bi-monthly pin set installment, we got thestral pins. The pins always come in little black envelopes so you never know what it is until you take it out (or look at the crate product insert), so Athena was about to open hers and she said, "I'm gonna guess...hippogriff!" So I opened mine up and I was like, "You should have guessed this first!" It's always thestrals, we feel like. Like people have some weird fascination with them. They're supposed to be gentle creatures, so I like them well enough, but they're also supposed to be creepy and they kind of are. Anyway, Crimes of Grindelwald has thestrals in it, so since this crate was inspired by that movie, it makes sense.

And speaking of the thestrals in Crimes of Grindelwald, we also got travel stickers to stick all over our luggage! Most of them feature places that Newt Scamander goes in the Fantastic Beasts movies, but there's one that has a picture of the thestral-drawn carriage. There's even one for the circus where Nagini used to be enslaved! ...Not that that's really a positive thing, come to think of it. But it is the type of thing you'd see advertisements for back then, so it's period appropriate, anyway.

And finally, we got travel/picnic mats! This was exciting for me, because we opened the crates on a cold night when Page had effectively taken over all of my blankets. So I was like, "Wait, is this a blanket? Because if so, I could really use one of those right now." And it's the neatest thing, because when you fold it up, it has a little black flap and handle to make it look like a little suitcase or something! And it's compact and easy to pack! ...Not so easy to fold, unfortunately, but the ones we got have a really cool Ravenclaw design, and they're just really neat all around.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota and then some, having a lovely conversation with our mother on the phone, finding the second super special Gummi ship, our fancy new travel blankets, and getting our YumeTwins box today.
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