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Stake conference

We stayed up too late again tonight, but that's partly because we went to the adult session of stake conference, and we have absolutely no regrets there. We're getting a new stake presidency tomorrow, so we have the general authorities Elder Jorg Klebingat and Elder Gary Gessel visiting, and the meeting was great. There were stories, there was Q&A, there were lamentations about not being able to watch the BYU game... It was fun and also spiritual. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's general session.

And that being the case, we better get to bed. Today I'm thankful for getting to go to a wonderful session of stake conference, having lots of warm blankets to help us deal with the cold (for us) winter, having another session of stake conference to look forward to, getting to sleep in just a little because stake conference starts later than regular church, and getting Crunchyroll to work on our TV again.
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