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We did it again.

We have no excuses. We stayed up too late playing Kingdom Hearts. But I was just kidding, we do have an excuse. It's Friday! We're sleeping in tomorrow! And that being the case, I probably could post about the series of cut scenes we watched before trying in vain to find a flan in Arendelle, but if we stay up too late, then sleeping in will just mean the normal amount of sleep. And it's looking like we won't have time to go on with the story until Tuesday at the soonest, so I have a while to get to posting that.

And now, what I really want is to go to bed. So today I am thankful for making much better progress on Sailor Moon today than we did yesterday, getting to try more Valentine's chocolates, Page being super cute as she attempted to vanquish pens earlier today (she was being a huge nuisance to our work getting done, but it was so cute we couldn't get mad at her), all the great scenes we got to see in Kingdom Hearts, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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