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Staying up too late again

We did not even meet half of our work quota before quitting time today! So we decided we weren't too tired to work after dinner, and in that one hour, we made more progress than we had all the rest of the day. We suspect the culprit is translation notes, but it also has to do with exposition, which is not only harder to word right, but is generally where all the translation notes come from.

That being the case, we didn't play any Kingdom Hearts today. We're at a part where there aren't a lot of options for running off and doing sidequests, and we didn't know if it would keep us up late. So instead, we watched an episode of TV...and decided it was too cold to get out of bed to update LJ and stuff, and stayed up late watching another episode. Ha, ha, ha...

So maybe it's not the best time to update our Kingdom Hearts report, but I'm going to go ahead and do it anyway.

First, we had to finish up at San Fransokyo. We went off to fight the final boss, which everybody (all the heroes, I mean) thought was going to be a bunch of Dark Cubes or something, but nope, Replica Riku had something even more malicious up his sleeve. He had retrieved the original Baymax and now, after putting all the data collected from the Dark Cubes into his disk thingie that has all his programming and whatever (it's been a while since we saw the movie), all he needs to complete his new artificial heart for Baymax is the pain of loss...which he's going to collect by making Hiro feel it again, when the team kills Baymax. I'm not really sure how the science is supposed to work, with the data collection and everything. I want to chalk it up to them talking too fast for me to process the Japanese, but in all honesty, I'm not sure it would make sense anyway.

The point is, Replica Riku had a disk with a program that would make Baymax evil, and he put it inside Baymax, and now we had to go fight him. Of course they were all like, "There has to be another way!" but Hiro was all, "No, it's the only way," and Sora was like, "Okay, but you take care of Go Go and the others. I'll take care of Baymax." And we were like, "But Hiro has to do it himself! Haven't you seen Old Yeller!?" People need to learn to do hard things. ...Maybe not that hard, though. But in a sense, Riku did give Baymax rabies.

Anyway, Sora and Baymax II go off to fight Dark Baymax and there's a big boss battle, and at the end, the giant armored Dark Baymax falls to the ground, and as he's lying there, the armor dissolves away, and it's just Baymax, lying there unconscious, and I was like, "Oh. my. gosh. They actually made us kill Baymax." Talk about edgy, dang. (Says the woman who was just saying, "No, you have to do it yourself!" *rolls eyes*)

Then they took out the disk, and Hiro was like, "There's only one way to stop him for good." And Sora's like, "But that's basically like his heart, isn't it? Can't you...?" "No, it's the only way." Hiro also pointed to his own heart and said, "His heart is in here." So Sora was like, "Okay, but let me do it," and this time Hiro was like, "No, I have to do this myself," and we were like, "You did see Old Yeller!" Awwww. So they close up on Hiro's hands as they're about to break the disk, then everything goes black and you here a snap.

Then we fade in to Baymax opening his eyes again! Apparently this is supposed to be the first Baymax reborn, but I'm not sure how he's any different than Baymax II. Maybe because he has the original Baymax body? Or maybe Hiro managed to salvage the good data from the original disk...which I thought he brought back with him from the alternate dimension and that's what he made Baymax II with... We haven't seen that movie in so long.

But it's a happy ending, yay! And it didn't immediately launch into a billion cut scenes to move the now-dormant story along, so we spent some time wandering around San Fransokyo, and that was almost dizzying. We explored as much as we could in the daytime, and that place is unreasonably huge, so there's a good chance we missed some stuff, but we were tired of it, so we didn't explore the nighttime version, and instead we took off in our Gummi ship...

...where Sora got a phone call! It was from Chip and Dale, who really look just awful in this game, and it makes me so sad. I mean, after Disney went and ruined the designs for Mickey and Pals for their new shorts, and then ruined the designed for most of the characters in Ducktales, I was like, "Well, at least Chip and Dale are still okay." They are not okay. And it's in Kingdom Hearts, of all places! WHY!?!?!?

Anyway, they wanted to tell Sora that Riku and Mickey's signal disappeared in the Dark World. I guess they're tracking everybody's phones. But that's kind of a smart idea when sending people to dangerous places like that. So off Sora went to rescue them! ...Or, he wanted to, but he didn't know how to get to the Dark World. So he followed his heart! which took him to Destiny Islands, his very own home. And he really didn't seem to care much that he was back home, because he was like, "What am I supposed to find here?"

I'll tell you what! He found a Keyblade, which the players (or at least everyone who played Birth by Sleep and/or A Fragmentary Passage) should recognize as Aqua's Keyblade! What! Well, that opened up the path to the Dark World for him, which was great, because he got there just in the nick of time!

See, last we saw Riku and Mickey, they were fighting a swarm of Heartless that had all merged together into one monster Heartless. They knocked Riku's Keyblade away and captured Mickey (who dropped his own Keyblade), and then, from out of the swarm of Heartless, emerged a human figure that was all covered in darkness. Eventually the darkness subsided to reveal none other than Aqua herself! Gasp! But it's not good news at all, because her hair has turned white and her eyes have turned yellow...just like everybody working for Xehanort! Dun dun DUN!!!

She picks up Mickey's Keyblade and has a long speech about how she waited for ten some-odd years after they abandoned her in the Dark World (A Fragmentary Passage reveals that Mickey was with her right before he met up with Riku at the end of the first Kingdom Hearts, but she was attacked by Heartless and he had to choose between going to help Riku close the door and helping Aqua), and can you imagine the fear and despair and etc. etc. It was actually kind of heartbreaking. And of course it ended with her saying she was going to give them a taste of it.

Riku was like, "That's okay, I'm good." And he fights her. But then...I don't remember exactly, it all happened so fast! Riku beat Aqua and was going back to Mickey, but Aqua unleashed an enormous attack on him, and it was like, "!!!" and then who was between Riku and Aqua? It was Sora of course! So now Riku's going back to help Mickey while Sora fights Aqua, and this time he beats her for good, and all the darkness that was changing her color scheme drains out of her and she's back to normal! But the darkness has now formed a pool underneath her, and she starts to fall into it! Oh no! And she thinks, "It really is the end this time, isn't it?" But then! it was just like in the opening movie to A Fragmentary Passage! Sora reached into the dark pool and pulled her out of it. Awwwwww! We always knew he would, because Sora is the best.

They brought her back to Destiny Islands, and when she woke up, she was like, "Destiny Islands? Is this the Dark World version?" and they're like, "No, you're back in the world of light!" and oh, it made me cry, I was so happy for her. (I think you kind of have to see the visuals to get the tear-jerkiness of it, though.) The sort of sad part, though, was that when she first woke up and saw Sora and Riku, she thought she was seeing her old friends Ventus and Terra again. But it's okay! Because she has the key to getting Ventus back!

...And that's where we are now. Aqua used her key to change Castle Oblivion back into the Land of Departures, and she brought Sora, Donald, and Goofy there to retrieve Ventus. Since getting Aqua, Ventus, and Terra back was the main objective of this game, I'm not sure what's going to happen next. They still have to get Terra, and that's going to be a huge challenge.

And speaking of such things. While all that was going on, Vexen is working behind the scenes and proving that maybe we can trust him after all? He dragged Demyx over to Radiant Garden to demand his help, and Demyx was pretty hilarious about the whole thing. He's all, "Why should I help you? We're not even friends!" ...I'm not doing it justice. Vexen was like, "To atone. We researchers tend to lose sight of our goals to help people and do terrible things." And Demyx was all, "Yeah, I'm not a researcher. Bye!" Of course, the fact that Vexen and Demyx had barely any connection aside from being in Organization XIII is what made him the perfect accomplice--if Xehanort suspected Vexen or Demyx, the other one was likely to be overlooked. The other important detail is that Vexen told Demyx who the real mastermind behind the "let's help Ansem the Wise atone" plan is, and he whispered it in his ear, so we don't get to know yet, but it was a shock to Demyx. Right now, we can't decide between Xemnas or Xigbar, but our decision doesn't really mean anything.

Eventually Vexen convinced Demyx that this job was made for him (we were too busy guessing who the other guy was to hear why, but we think it's because there was no fighting involved), so Demyx was now very excited to help. And he delivered a replica (we didn't get to see its face) and Ansem the Wise to Ienzo, who's been working to help Sora, as mentioned in previous reports. Oh, and Ienzo's reaction to seeing his old master was so sweet. He felt so bad for letting the other Ansem deceive him. Awww...

And now we're up even more too late! One of these days we'll get to bed on time.

Today I'm thankful for work picking up on this edit we're doing, getting to watch some TV, having our new Pompom Pokemon book in our possession, reminders to always fact-check your assumptions, and having time to exercise.
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