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Fire Force volume 14

It's Review Rednesday! So far, we have only confirmed the release of Fire Force 14, and it's the first in alphabetical order that was released today, and no one expressed any other preference, so we're just going to go with it!

We finished work early today, and our beautiful Kingdom Hearts orchestra tour CD is still playing, so it's the perfect time to write a review! For Fire Force...14? *thinks* Yes, pretty sure it's 14. And oh my goodness, I feel like this volume was especially whirlwindy, to the point where I don't really remember why (I'll remember in a second), but I remember it was super intense. I thiiiiink...we finished the first draft, and we were more than halfway done with the second draft when Gaston called and said, "Hey, I'm coming down to Disneyland tomorrow," and like the saps that we are, we didn't say, "Okay, have fun! We'll stay home and work!" We abandoned everything and went to Disneyland with him...oh wait, not everything. We took some work with us, in the hopes that there would be some downtime, but that didn't work out so good, either.

Anyway. We basically drained our batteries and then some, but it was super extra special because! The very next day was when Fire Force was due! Yay...... And I can't believe that this was all just last week. It feels like a million years ago. At any rate, we did finish the volume, and I don't think our fatigue shows through in that second half of the translation, but even if it did, hopefully our editor fixed it... I hate the idea of doing shoddy work just because there's supposed to be somebody to fix it, but we didn't! We did the best we could at the time!

So this volume. Shinra and company have gone with the talking animals to the Oasis, and there's a big fight with Infernals, and that's really pretty much how this series goes, right? Do you really need to know anything else? ...Of course you do! They got to some really important information in this volume! ...Except I kind of feel like it was something we knew all along. I mean, we did, right? We knew that Amaterasu was powered by a human sacrifice? I mean, not in so many words, but the idea was floating around in our heads. They called them pillars, and they specifically said to us when we did the blurb for volume twelve (we just posted that review a few days ago, so it's fresh in our memories) this is why we call them pillars. I wonder if people were supposed to think of them more like gods... Sorry, guys. We just don't have counters [linguistically speaking] in English, so I have no idea how to do that. And in all honesty, we didn't think of it at the time, so we couldn't try to come up with something that would help with that. But we do have sayings in English, like, "He's the pillar of our community!" or whatever, so it's okay, right?

Incidentally, we did not translate the blurb for this volume. It turned out pretty good, anyway, so I kind of have an inkling our editor felt bad bothering us and since it was basically just a list, she did it herself. I guess if she wants to translate them I can't begrudge her, but we really do like doing the splash page blurbs. They usually turn out to be fun little mental exercises. And then when we get to translating that volume, we'll have forgotten all about them and then read them and be like, "Ooohhh," at how awesome they are. (It sounds super arrogant when I put it that way, but let me assure you, there is some element of surprise. So it's more like, "Yay! That turned out really nice!") Anyway, we did translate the blurb for volume fifteen, so we haven't been forsaken in that regard.

Right, we're at the Oasis, and for some reason Scop is super insistent on making sure the Fire Force knows that these bad guys CAN NOT be reasoned with. I feel like it was a little repetitive. Like they kept going around in circles with Pan being all, "We can't just go in and start beating the crap out of people," and Scop being like, "But you have to get us our home back!" and Shinra being all, "Yeah!" and Pan being like, "But...". Lather, rinse, repeat. Until finally! the bad guys show up, and they're Infernals, and they're all like, "Oh. Well, why didn't you say so?"

But! oh my gosh, you guys. It's so frustrating when you can't translate a joke properly and it's all your own fault. Athena now protests on the grounds of "Infernal is practically the only good way to translate Homurabito." We tried. We spent like a whole day on that. Or at least two hours. Which is a long time in our business. Anyway, if you haven't, you can read all about that in our review of volume one. But the point is! these were Infernal dogs. And it works out really well to call them Infernal dogs, because Infernal is an adjective, so it sounds like you're insulting them and naming them. But! in Japanese, Shinra calls them "Homurabito no inu," and Arthur rightfully argues that they can't be Homurabito no inu (because "bito" means person), they're obviously Homura-inu. And we're like, "Arthur. Why." It's a good joke, though. It really is. Y'know. In Japanese. Fortunately, Arthur being all obsessed with knights and etc., we figured he'd be familiar with the term hellhound, so we went with it, and we had a note, and come to think of it, if you read the book and the note, this whole thing might be redundant, but hopefully it's at least amusing, because this version has way more attitude.

So then! the cover page of the VERY next chapter! Has a picture of an infer-dog with the English text "Infernal beast." Or beasts plural. We don't remember, and the book is on the other side of the room, so obviously it's too hard for us to look it up. Athena thinks there may also be a "the." But the point is! Apparently after the last chapter, somebody, like Ohkubo-sensei or an editor or assistant, thought, "Huh. Come to think of it, I wonder how they're translating homurabito," and went to look it up, and thought, "Oh, that's cool!" At least, hopefully they thought it was cool.

Well, as it turns out the infer-dogs are working for infer-humans, who also have an infer-horse, which is freaking awesome, but largely ignored. I think all the Infernals just got extinguished in the course of the battle, so I don't think we'll hear from this one again, but maybe there will be another one. Anyway, fortunately or unfortunately, the leader of the Inferstation is a pretty clever demon, who sets a trap for the team. But basically all that means is that they manage to easily get some guys inside the Tabernacle to investigate before they have to start fighting. Oh I guess I forgot to mention, in case y'all forgot from volume thirteen, the Oasis has a thing that looks exactly like Tokyo's power source, and they call it the Tabernacle. I don't remember if we went into the reasoning behind that translation in our review of that volume, but just trust me, we have reasoning. I don't remember what it is right now, but I remember we did research and everything.

So Shinra and Ogun and Tamaki are outside fighting Infernals, and let me just say. First of all, OH MY GOSH THERE'S GONNA BE AN ANIME I'M SO EXCITEEEEEDDD!! Second of all, Anime News Network reported that Weekly Shonen Magazine is releasing a little mini art collection of other Shonen Magazine artists drawing Fire Force characters to celebrate, and no one who read the volume with that one interview with Ohkubo-sensei and Hiro Mashima (was it seven?) is surprised to learn that he drew Tamaki. Then another guy, Koji Seo, drew Tamaki with her clothes coming off. And we're all like, "Ugh, boys," and, "Poor Tamaki." And then we think about this story arc and how it has a heck of a lot of Tamaki but not a single instance of her lucky lecher lure activating. And we think, "Yay!" and we're happy for Tamaki and hope this keeps up. (I do still think the battle with Assault was pretty funny...)

We also get to see Ogun's super special power, and dang, he looks awesome. We did some deliberating before deciding to keep the attack name as Flamy Ink. It was right there in English in the original version, but we were like, "I dunno..." So, by "deliberating," I mean we Googled the term, and it seemed to be a reference to something, so we were like, "Okay, that settles it." Athena reminds me that the reference is to pens. There's a brand of (German?) pens called Lamy Ink, and they seem to be for artistes and the like. So now they get to be part of Ogun's super special super awesome attack powers.

Meanwhile, Viktor, Pan, and Arthur are inside investigating the Tabernacle, where there's a bunch of numbers all lined up, apparently at random. Viktor and Pan are stumped, but Arthur of all people manages to identify them as pi. You'll have to read the book to find out how he did it. They also put together some clues, like a white arrow, and the word pillar, to think, "Hey, do you think maybe there's a human being in there?" You see, the animals of the Oasis (so sad for Vulcan that he didn't get to come along on this trip) were all waiting for their hero, the Woman in Black, to come back to them after she set up the Tabernacle and disappeared. Turns out, she was inside the Tabernacle all along! I mean, really, was anybody surprised? She had already been talking to Shinra from inside it, so. And that's really how they confirm their hypothesis--since Shinra can do an adolla link with her, he can actually just ask.

And the weird thing is she insists that she was once human, but she also says she came from the other side of the Spatial Tear with the Evangelist. That's not necessarily a contradiction. It's possible that she was taken to the other side of the Tear many years ago, and then was brought back. But it is curious. It's her theory that the Evangelist is the one who went around putting ideas in people's heads about gods and devils, and her goal is to destroy the world. But if she's trying to destroy the world, why did she give Tokyo its power source and let it build up its culture and everything? I think this is the only real contradiction in the whole story, but according to Viktor (I like Viktor, but I think he's wrong here), the contradiction is in the scriptures when it says that Raffles discovered the adolla burst and built Amaterasu. I'm really not sure what is supposed to be a contradiction there. Just because they put the First Pillar inside Amaterasu doesn't mean they didn't discover her and build a generator. It just means they left some of the information out of the story. But the story is still consistent.

I probably should say something about Tempe. That guy was a jerk. I don't really have much more to say about him. More important is Juggernaut!! What in the very heck!!! It was pretty awesome, actually. So somebody (I guess it was Tempe?) shot him right through the chest, so there was a gaping hole there, and we were like, "Whoa, this series suddenly got way more serious." I also thought it was kind of an odd choice of first character to kill off, but now that I think of it, I guess whatever works best for the story is the best way to go. And it did all work out for the best, because...well, Juggernaut. You have to read it. It makes no sense, but in an awesome way.

Is that everything? Maybe, except for Atsushiya. This volume's Atsushiya was absolutely hilarious. I love how his assistant was like, "Your art's even worse than usual!" And Tuna got a chance to talk! Aww, that's nice. And it has a report of his trip to France for Japan Expo. You guys, it was the best. And also the worst. And also the best.

Oh man, this review was hilarious. We must have been in just the right mindset. I'm not sure it's exactly coherent, but it's a lot of fun anyway!

Anyway, this week's new releases include Fire Force 14! The book featured in This Very Review!! And they also include Forbidden Scrollery 6 and Hatsu*Haru 5!

So tune in next week, for our review of Forbidden Scrollery 6!

Today I'm thankful for that super hilarious Fire Force review, finally opening our Wizarding World crates (report on that...sometime), Page being a super good sport about taking her dewormer the hard way, having time to make it through all the cut scenes in Kingdom Hearts, and the best manga artist event report I've ever seen in my life.
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