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Back to Kingdom Hearts

Today was kind of bizarre. We had a couple of extracurricular things pop up in addition to our weekly simulpub, so it almost feels like we didn't work at all. Also, Page has tapeworms again, so we ordered a dewormer online and tried crushing it up and mixing it with her favorite treat, but she was onto us from the get-go (I mean, I did tell her we wanted to give her medicine; we don't want her to think we betrayed her), and she refused to even touch it. We may have to do it the old-fashioned way and shove a pill down her throat.

But anyway, we finally got back to the story in Kingdom Hearts, so let's talk about that!

First of all, we still think San Fransokyo is kind of not the greatest name. But anyway, here we are, and Sora is super excited because he grew up on a tiny island and despite all his world-hopping, he's never seen a big city like this. His first instinct was to text Riku about it, so now we know he's already getting addicted to social media...even as technologically challenged as he is.

Turns out the San Fransokyo stuff is all taking place after the events of Big Hero 6, so Tadashi is already gone, Yokai is already defeated, and the original Baymax is gone, too. It reminds us of the first Kingdom Hearts, where they actually didn't retell any of the movies (there were some similar elements in Atlantica, but it was still vastly different), and we like it that way. It was also kind of interesting comparing Sora and Hiro, because Hiro...well, I don't know if they meant to make him a stereotypical Japanese kid personality-wise, but they absolutely did mean it visually. Also, I don't know if Sora is supposed to be a typical Japanese kid. I'm really not sure how to describe it, but basically we have one kid designed by Americans to be Japanese, and another kid designed by Japanese people to be a kid...come to think of it, since they were making a game based on Disney movies, it's possible that Sora is supposed to be more American in personality. Hmmm...

At any rate, Sora is pretty typical of shonen manga heroes, and this is where it got really funny. For example, after Hiro and his team introduced themselves as Big Hero 6, Sora wanted to get in on the action, so he called himself and his pals Keyblade Heroes 3, which is super adorable, and we love it. But everyone's reaction (including Donald and Goofy, even though they did pose...which is also a very Japanese thing) was like, "What are you even doing." And Baymax commented on how everyone's body temperature went down and recommended they use him as a heater. And we were like, "That's not really a thing in American entertainment," the feeling suddenly cold when somebody tells a stupid joke or whatever. Although I guess we do talk about being "left cold," but I don't think it's quite the same thing.

Anyway, the point is, we read an article where someone from Disney talked about consulting on some of the worlds in Kingdom Hearts and telling the game developers they had to make sure to have the characters using American gestures, not Japanese ones. I don't remember of San Fransokyo is one of the worlds they consulted on, but regardless of the physical gestures, there's kind of a lot of very Japanese stuff...which would work if Disney hadn't gone out of their way to make their "love letter to Japan" take place in an American city.

Another example is when the Heartless completely destroy everyone (except Sora and Pals), and Fred is all, "In this situation, most heroes train to power up!" and Go Go is all, "This isn't a comic book!" and we're like, "You mean manga. Training arcs are more a staple of shonen manga than superhero comics." ...But to be fair, we could be jumping the gun on correcting people. We're not exactly familiar with most American superhero comics.

Anyway, Hiro comes up with an idea to help them learn how to fight Heartless from Sora, and they train and all of them come up with ideas to get stronger, and then! There's a montage!!! Bwa ha ha ha! The movie Big Hero 6 had like three montages in it, so of course they had to have one in Kingdom Hearts, too. We were amused.

So we go off to fight the Heartless and we win! But now there's a new badguy in town! Dun dun DUN! Oh, but first there was a scene on the San Fransokyo bridge that had Roxas (from inside Sora) flashback to Twilight Town! What! Is he waking up!? Oh my goodness! ...Actually, he was never asleep, come to think of it. That's just Ventus.

Anyway, the short version is, Organization XIII used the Dark Cubes from re:coded and kind of mixed them with the concept of microbots to make a new Heartless. Why? Because someone is performing an experiment...of which I forgot the details. But the important thing is not the experiment itself (that's probably just a minor plot for this world only), but who's performing it. It's Riku! What! No it's not, Riku has green eyes, and this guy's eyes are yellow! He explains to Sora something about how Xemnas had this project to make the true Organization XIII or something, and all I remember is that Sora was confused and Donald and Goofy are like, "Oh my gosh, Sora, he's a replica."

And now Riku Replica has the original disc from the Baymax that got lost in the other dimension! What!

...And that's all we know for now. I just want to comment on San Fransokyo and how it's almost more maddening than the Caribbean, because it's basically a giant city, complete with tall buildings, and in the past, it would just be like, "Wow, that's a tall building. Guess we'll go around it!" But in this game, Sora has the ability to run up walls. So of course every building can be scaled. It's going to be such a headache trying to find all the treasure chests.

On the bright side, Hiro made an AR visor for Sora, so whenever something important is going on, Hiro can send Sora the info, and he can just look through the visor to see a flag over the next important thing to do. So that's helpful.

And now we're up too late again, even though we were so responsible about turning the game off! ...Oh wait, we were a little irresponsible. We wanted to go back to the one place because it's our Muppet Treasure Island anniversary. It's the 23rd anniversary, so we didn't think we needed to go out of our way to watch the movie, but we wanted to do something to remember it. And that took just a little extra time.

Today I'm thankful for finally having Athena's Wizarding World crate (but we didn't open them today, because it was already such an irregular day), getting to move on with the story in Kingdom Hearts, having time to exercise today, this week being a pretty easy one for our simulpub, and being all set to get back to work on Sailor Moon tomorrow.
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