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I'm not sure I have anything to talk about today. We worked all day on our anime simulcast, and then we did a teeny tiny bit of cleaning (we were too lazy to clean on our chore day (Saturday), so we decided to just make ourselves spend a few minutes cleaning every day instead), and then we did Kingdom Hearts sidequests while we talked to Mom on the phone.

Oh! But we did also finally remember to order the Pompom Pokemon book that we'd been wanting to order. When we got our Ravenclaw bookbags from Loot Crate, we were trying to think what we would use them for, because we already have a bag for when we take the Chromebook to Disneyland, and we already have bags for church stuff, and we don't really go anywhere else where we need bags. So we came up with this idea, since our favorite nephew loves Pokemon, to get the Pompom Pokemon book, make a ton of pompom Pokemon, and fill at least one of the bags with the Pokemon. Then when we go to visit family, we can just hand out Pokemon whenever the kids do something we think earned a pompom Pokemon.

...Of course there's definitely the possibility of motivating the kids to do the right things for the wrong reason, but I don't think we'll spend enough time with them for it to stick, and besides, sometimes that can lead to doing the right things for the right reasons. Mostly we just like the idea of handing out Pokemon like candy.

And speaking of Loot Crate! My Wizarding World crate arrived about two and a half weeks ago, all by itself. We've had the delivery guy deliver one only to realize there were two and come back later (either the same day or the next) to deliver the other one, so we weren't too worried about it. Almost immediately after Athena brought the package inside, it started pouring rain and didn't stop for like three days, so when we didn't get the second crate, we hoped it was just that the delivery people didn't want to leave it out to get soaked (there's not really a great place on our patio to ensure that anything stays dry).

But then the rains left and there was still no package. We checked the office to see if maybe the delivery person left it there to save it from the rain, but still nothing. Some kid's been going around tagging the neighborhood, so now we're a liiiittle concerned that the crate has been stolen. Still, we hadn't checked the Loot Crate site yet, so we did that first, and lo and behold, there was no record of the package having shipped, even though it said Athena's account was still active.

So last week, we filled out the support form to ask what we could do to get this crate. That night, we got an answer from tech support saying that apparently there was an error when we upgraded the account to the six-month plan (there was a sale in December, so we took advantage), but he fixed it, and a replacement crate would be shipped in two to four weeks. But! we got a shipping confirmation on Saturday, and it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow! Woohoo! I was hoping it might come a day early (as they have done in the past), but then I realized it was Presidents' Day today. But I think George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were great men and deserve to be honored, so I'm okay with waiting until tomorrow. Besides, we were busy today.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work goal for the day, having time for a little cleaning (there's always time for just a little cleaning), finding all the pieces of the Vega Gummi ship, getting the Vega Gummi ship and its teeny ships (Altair and Deneb) right after learning about the Summer Triangle, and having a lovely conversation with Mom on the phone.
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