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Cozy Sunday

This week's scripture study was pretty timely. I'd been upset because certain in-charge people were asking me to do more than I thought was reasonable, so it was on my mind when we started studying Matthew 5 and Luke 6, both of which talk about going the extra mile and not holding a grudge about it (the latter part is implied, but rather heavily given the other teachings in those chapters), so I just sighed and told myself it wasn't that much of an extra burden. I also think I made the connection for the first time about what it means to be "poor in spirit." I don't know if this is the only definition, or even the main one, but in my case right now, it means I feel like I can't even but I'm going to anyway.

In happier news, after a couple of weeks of neglect, we decided it was time to get back to using those eggs we bought. This time, we did it in the form of cornbread! Like with the pancakes, we had tried a food item that we remembered enjoying in childhood, but we used a mix that didn't require eggs, and it was a hit at first but got old really quick. So, since we worked up our courage to buy eggs, we figured we might as well also pick up a box of the corn muffin mix our parents used when we were kids. We made cornbread instead of muffins because muffins are way too much effort to pour out and clean up (which is probably why, as far as we know, we don't have a muffin tin). And once again, the egg made all the difference. The moral of the story is eggs make things better. I mean, if you think about it, it's kind of a miracle that there's a creature on the earth that creates these capsules of protein that we can cook and eat without killing anything (unless the egg was fertilized, but most of the ones you buy at the store aren't, right?).

We also watched an extra episode of Story Trek, because it's just been a good day to curl up and watch TV. Two episodes of Story Trek has become part of our Sunday routine. It's just nice to hear stories about ordinary people sometimes.

Today I'm thankful for timely scripture study lessons, getting to enjoy another food from our childhood, getting to read manga, getting to see some good stories on Story Trek, and not being traumatized by any of the Valentine's chocolates we ate today (but we still think the coconut is gross).
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