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Reversible sequins

So we've been spending a lot of time playing Kingdom Hearts lately, but we spent so much time exploring in that one world that we weren't really "talking" with the characters, and I guess we've been needing some human interaction as a result. And that means we didn't spend all day playing Kingdom Hearts. We watched some anime and TV instead! And we're still a little reluctant to go to the next world (even though it's one from a movie we don't hate), so instead we spent more time exploring. That being the case, I don't really have any Kingdom Hearts to report on, so I apologize if anyone was looking forward to that. I suppose what I would have to report on would be The Morose Mononokean, but I'm not sure I really have anything to say about it.

More importantly! We went grocery shopping today, and since Valentine's Day was just two days ago, we made sure to keep an eye out for discounted chocolate. Dad used to always get us little boxes of chocolate for Valentine's Day, so we have a fondness for them even though we usually don't really like most of the fillings. (There's a Studio C sketch where an evil scientist invents Valentine's Day, and he describes the chocolate from the boxes as being filled with "sawdust, toothpaste, and broken dreams.") So when we found ourselves by the holiday clearance section, we took a look.

And oh my goodness, you guys. They had a heart-shaped box of chocolates where the top was covered (covered!) in reversible sequins. I have not mentioned it here because it hasn't really been relevant to anything, but we're kind of addicted to reversible sequins. When we first saw that it was a thing, it was like, "Oh, silly trends... *rolls eyes*" I think part of it was that the first reversible sequin items we saw were, like, cheap dollar store Disney stuff, so it seemed like a superficial money grab. But then we saw some more legitimate reversible sequin stuff, and we were like, "Oh my goodness, this is the best thing ever." Of course, most of the time, we find reversible sequins on shirts for little girls, and we're really not sure that was a good idea, because when we see reversible sequins, our first impulse is rub them up and down with our whole hand. Doing this to a little girl's chest is a Very Bad Thing to Do, even if you have consent. Fortunately, we have a decent amount of self control, and even more fortunately, they put reversible sequins on other things, too. We got a reversible sequin Santa hat at Christmas, too. Aahh, they're the best.

So! now we have a big box of Russell Stover's chocolates that is covered with reversible sequins, and it makes us very happy. (We showed it to the cashier, and she was like, "Whoa, I saw these but I had no idea they did that!" We're spreading the love.) But all the chocolates were just solid milk chocolate, and you have to get a box with assorted fillings (or rather, we have to), so now we have two big boxes of Valentine's chocolate!

Today was also the first day we ran into a Girl Scout Cookie booth sale, so naturally we bought four boxes (the girl's dad says he takes Venmo, but we don't have Venmo, so we did what we always do and got $20 cash and gave it to them). We're told that in the Los Angeles district they still have Tagalongs instead of "Peanut Butter Patties," and I think the dad was saying they're basically the same, but I'm still curious to find out if there's a difference. Because Tagalongs used to be the best, and it's possible that they changed the recipe all around, but then why would they still have the different names? I feel like this requires research, but I also don't know any LA Girl Scouts anymore.

Today I'm thankful for REVERSIBLE SEQUINS! YAAAY!, having some Valentine's chocolates to look forward to eating, finally finding that hidden Mickey that was eluding us, also having Girl Scout cookies to look forward to, and having transportation to church all worked out since our usual ride is out of town.
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