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The Voynich Hotel volume 3

We were just about getting to the point in our lives where we thought maybe we should cool it with the Kingdom Hearts and focus on getting our work done (although Athena says that this may not have happened if the one world weren't the ridiculousest), when Celeste texted to let us know her kid wants to be Sora for Halloween. Of course we think that's a great idea, but it made us want to play Kingdom Hearts more, so so much for work. (We did do our job first--we just stopped a little tiny bit early even though everything work-related seems to be going slow.)

But because this world is the ridiculousest, we made approximately no progress. More on that tomorrow, though, because! It's Review Rednesday! Woohoo! And today we present the final volume of The Voynich Hotel! Spoilers ahead!

Wah, ha, ha! We finished this translation with time to spare on our CD, and we're still under the illusion that we have enough room in our schedule to not immediately start the next thing, so for the first time in weeks and weeks, we're writing a review right after finishing the translation! What!? It's a miracle! And it's kind of a good thing, too, because this was the final volume of The Voynich Hotel, and it just seems better not to have a million years between the work and the review when it's such an important volume.

I think our opinion of the series remains the same. We could do without the crude and adult humor, but the story is interesting enough. There were fewer poop jokes in this one, which is nice. I do think we've gotten more accustomed to that kind of thing from Mitsuboshi Colors, but despite Sat-chan's obsession, the children's series is far less graphic about it, so. There are still some questions that can be left to the fans to answer, but for the most part, the ending is satisfactory.

So what even happened? I know, I just finished it! But this series covers a lot of ground really fast. They found Snark, and Helena went home, and there was a cover flap that had name spellings... See, when we first started this series, we didn't have books, so we downloaded it off of Bookwalker, and Bookwalker didn't have the back cover or cover flaps. Some time after we turned in volume two, Seven Seas finally sent us physical copies of the whole series. So it wasn't until we started volume three that we discovered that there were name spellings all along. Or at least in volume three, and probably volume two, because it looked like the cover flap is where they put the character introductions. And our spelling of Helena didn't match--there was no H in the manga. But we took the name from that movie that The Three Mothers came from, and the movie is Italian (if we're remembering right), and we think that Hs are probably silent in Italian, but on the other hand, we don't know. We just know that they're silent in French and Spanish, and we figure it stands to reason. But if the H is silent Helena would be pronounced the same way as Elena, so it still could have come from the movie. Anyway, all we can say about that is oh well. The names also listed Haraki as Harak, and then the next name on the list was Haraki, which was apparently the name of the kids' detective team. So it's clear that there was some typographical erring going on.

Anyway. *checks* We start with the elevator business, which was actually pretty funny. I was kind of hoping it would lead somewhere, but it didn't. So I guess I liked the concept better than the actual story. It was cute to see Helena coming to rescue Taizou. That was kind of a recurring theme in this volume, and in the whole series, now that I think of it. The point is, they're a cute couple. But I did want to see what would happen if one of the devils lost. Oh well.

Meanwhile, we have a new couple coming to stay at the hotel, and they're on their honeymoon! This is significant, because the new bride makes friends with the kid detective team, which is significant because the groom becomes one of Snark's victims. Dun dun DUN!!! We were afraid it was going to be a very disappointing development, because we know how Snark works. And you know, come to think of it, if everyone on the island knows that there's a serial killer going by Snark on the loose, you'd think they would be a little wary of going to bed with a woman of the same name. I guess it's possible that only the police know that the serial killer is named Snark and Leader found out because of his connections, but that still brings up the question of how in the world did the police know the killer was named Snark? Oh well, that's not important. What is important is that the new groom didn't actually give in to Snark's temptations, so that's nice. And because he went missing, and his wife went to the kid detectives for help, Leader finally went to confront Snark about the situation, and finally the truth was discovered. They also explained how Snark dealt with all her pregnancies. Here I was assuming she was using birth control or something, but that's okay, because I do like it when people pay attention to the fact that sex is, in fact, how babies are made.

But let's talk about the bride for a minute. It was briefly mentioned that she had a sixth sense, and now that I think of it, I wonder if they were planning to use that to have her talk to the ghosts or something. The ghosts were featured more than expected in this volume, but they didn't really do anything important to the story. So I don't know. The whole thing ended rather abruptly.

After Leader confronted Snark, she went into hiding, where Demona found her and took her soul. But Demona gave her five more minutes to say goodbye to someone, and Snark decided not to go sleep with a man, but to go say goodbye to Alice instead. Awwww, she does care. A little, I guess. I mean seriously, would it have been so hard to just, I don't know, not turn into a psycho killer? I mean, don't we all have things we think about doing but decide not to because it would be wrong? Anyway, I'm glad she got what was coming to her, but I'm also glad that Alice was willing to forgive her because she loved her and saw her good side.

Meanwhile, Helena goes off to visit her Shisho (we checked volume one and saw that we went with instructor for that translation, but now that we've seen her, it really wasn't a great fit), and that keeps her away just long enough for the yakuza to track down and successfully capture Taizou. Incidentally, before this, there was a chapter where Helena was messing around with Taizou's internal organs, and she took his heart out and put it back and then he noticed later that it was kind of far to the right, and I was like, "That's going to save his life later." And sure enough. When the bad guys were stabbing him in the heart, they missed, and it confused them just long enough to let Helena show up and save the day. Tadah!

And that's basically it. There were two epilogue chapters that were told out of chronological order, so that was a little confusing. But...I don't know. I want to say it was a cute series, but there were a lot of things that were decidedly not cute. Still, the story was interesting, and the characters really cared about each other, so that was nice. And it was a nice, satisfying ending, even if there do seem to be some loose ends. On the other hand, the only loose end I can think of is what's going to happen to the ghosts. Oh! and Tenebrarum! Is she just going to be like that forever, not remembering anything? Or is there going to be some way to restore her to health? They did manage to find Suspiriorum, after all. Maybe she'll be able to help fix Tenebrarum. But it's very sweet to see how much Professor cares for her, even in her forgetful zombie state.

So there you have it. It was a pretty okay series, and I hope you all enjoyed it!

Aah, that series. The things some people come up with.

Anyway, this week is a very special(?) week, because! there are no new releases! And that's not anything new, but! what is new is that, because there are no new releases, we have now posted all the reviews of all the manga that we have written reviews for and is in print! And that means that, next week, if you want to read the book before we review it, you better read it really fast!

So get ready to get Fire Force 14 on the day it comes out! (Unless there are still people reading who would prefer we review Forbidden Scrollery 6 or Hatsu*Haru 5 first. Since this is an unprecedented situation, we can ignore alphabetical order if there's enough demand for it.)

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota today, making a teensy tiny bit of progress in Kingdom Hearts, getting to register for Anime Expo, not being completely out of things to review next week (unless all three books suddenly get delayed), and learning that Athena's Wizarding World crate probably wasn't stolen.
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