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No save point for you!

So this world we're in in Kingdom Hearts is being extremely stingy with save points. Maybe they thought they could get away with it because this game also auto-saves, but it just... I don't know. The point is, we couldn't get to a save point for a bazillion years, and now we're up even later than expected. And we didn't even find the hidden Mickey that Donald pointed out for us!

We're currently trying to make our way through The Caribbean, which is the expanded version of Port Royal from Kingdom Hearts II. It was kind of "what the?" when it started, because there's suddenly no consistency on when Sora gets a new outfit and when he doesn't. The reason for Donald using his magic to change what everybody's wearing/looks like is supposedly to maintain that world's order. It made sense when they went to the Pride Lands, and when they went to Atlantica (actually, the reason given in the first Kingdom Hearts for their Atlantica forms is that, in that game, there is no "above the sea," so if they wanted to not drown, they had to be sea creatures; in KH3 now they're suddenly spending inordinate amounts of time underwater, consistency), and when they went to a world where everybody was a toy, or where everybody was a monster. It made sense then.

So it made sense when they went to Arendelle and Donald was like, "No! You don't get new clothes! That's only to maintain a world's order!" But then they show up on The Caribbean--the very next world!--and Sora's all excited because he sees his new outfit, and it's a pirate outfit. And I admit, it's very cool and cute and I love it, but it still makes no sense. Still, the Pirates of the Caribbean world has always been the one where they take a break from all game continuity and have Sora just want to be a pirate. (I realized that, despite his unfavorable dealings with Captain Hook in Kingdom Hearts the First, it's possible that the experience didn't sour him against pirates because he was too focused on rescuing Kairi to pay any attention to the details of who he was fighting.)

The other good thing about the new outfits is that Sora and Pals blend in to this world muuuuch better now. In Kingdom Hearts II, they were like this big splotch of bright color in the midst of muted grays and browns. Now they fit the color scheme. Still, if it's to maintain the world's order, Sora comes from a tropical island, so whatever he normally wears should fit. (Athena thinks they muted the colors in a later release of KH2 also.) But at any rate, Sora is adorable in a pirate hat.

Anyway, we go to this world, and suddenly fall off the edge of it. And then we go to the trippy dream place where Jack ended up in At World's End, which we only saw once (but we saw the scene with the ship in the desert again, still several years ago). And they're reunited with Jack, and the salvage his ship from the rock crabs (and Heartless, of course!), and then everybody else comes along and says, "You know this is like the world of the dead, right?" And Sora and Pals are like, "Typical Jack, always getting into trouble!" (Actually, that's just what they say on their Instagram (the loading screens show pictures from the characters' various SNS). Their real reaction was, "Uuuuugh, not again.")

And I think I will save the rest of this for next time, because I'm really wanting to go to bed.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Kingdom Hearts even if they were stingy with the save points, having finally liberated our swan plushie from its box, now having two super cute egg-shaped bird plushies on our other desk, finally getting a save point, and Page hanging out with us.
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