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Busy night

This night has been so weird. We were already up late, not because we were necessarily being irresponsible...I mean, we were playing Kingdom Hearts, but the thing is, we had called Mom, and things worked out so that instead of talking to her until bedtime like we usually do, we had an extra hour. So after some Gummi exploration, we figured surely we at least had time to start the next world. They'd have a scene to introduce the story and then they'd give us a save point, right? Wrong! For this world, it was scene after scene after battle after scene after new mini game after scene after boss fight? Why is there a boss fight at the beginning of the world!? Argh!! And then there was finally a save point now that we were up twenty minutes late.

And then we had to deal with a work email that probably wasn't an emergency, but was the kind of thing that would have bugged us no end, so we dealt with the parts that didn't require extra research.

But before all that, we decided to go to Disneyland Office. The forecast was giving us two non-rainy days this week, and Farley wasn't going to be there for one of them, so we went today! (When we went with Gaston last week, Farley was off that day, too.) We got to see the new Lunar New Year procession, which is very much like the old ones, only now it's in the more stage-y area across from the Ferris wheel, and they added a narrator to explain what all the elements of the show mean. Oh! And this one had Chip and Dale! And Goofy! And the Three Little Pigs, since it's the year of the pig.

We also saw a musical group called Melody of China, which consists of three women who play the Chiniese mandolin (I think she called it a pi pa, but I don't know the proper spelling), the two-stringed instrument you play with a bow, and a hammered dulcimer. Each of the musicians explained a little about her instrument, too, so that was neat. And they finished their set by playing an American song and invited us all to sing along! ...And the song was "Oh, Susanna," which even I only really know the chorus of. I don't think kids these days know many folk songs, but maybe I'm just being deceived by everyone's very tiny, inaudible singing voices. It was a lot of fun, though, and when they got to the chorus, I sang nice and loud!

After all that, we went over to say hi to Farley. A family of his regular visitors is moving away, so they were there at all of his sets today for their last hurrah. That worked out in a kind of nice way for us, because they made sure he played some pretty cool tunes on his fiddle. We also discovered that Farley himself is thinking of retiring in three to six months. We sort of knew it was coming, based on things we've talked about in the past, but now we have a solid time frame. I kind of feels like an era is coming to an end.

And then we played Kingdom Hearts, and I would rant about that, but we're already up way too late. I'll have to save that to keep us up tomorrow night.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Lunar New Year performances, getting to say hi to Farley, finding a nice area to work that hasn't yet been discovered by the crowds, having a lovely conversation with our mother on the phone, and having time to play Kingdom Hearts.
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